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Ozyegin University Faculty of Architecture and Design was established in April 2012 with the Department of Architecture which had first 60 students in 2012-2013 Academic year.

The priority of Faculty of Architecture & Design in education, research and implementation; is focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation that are based on the axis of design within the context of sustainable and interaction design to conserve the local and global resources.


Being among the best schools in terms of education and research in national, regional and global levels; having top level creative, innovative graduates who will contribute to the welfare of the people at the national, regional and global levels.


is to address to improve the sustainability of local regional and global values by using creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship apporachs in education, research and practice; to focus on integrated design and manufacturing axis in all programs by using effective interaction with related sectors and potentials of Istanbul; and having graduates who will able to apply these values.

The departments of Faculty of Architecture and Design

Architecture (Undergraduate Program in Turkish / Undergraduate Program in English)

Industrial Design (Undergraduate program in English)

Communication Design (Undergraduate program in English)

Interior Architecture and Environmental Design (Undergraduate program in English)

Laboratories and Workshops of Faculty of Architecture and Design

Computer Laboratory: Computer laboratory serves for computer aided design courses with its 30 PCs and related software programs.


MAC Lab: The laboratory serves with 10 IMac computers and related software for graphic design, game design, animation, video making subjects and the courses on these subjects.

Spatial Systems Laboratory: Spatial systems lab serves software for space syntax studies and used by space syntax researchers. The lab established in the context of research project supported bu Turkish Scientific Research Organization (TUBITAK)

Model Workshop: Model workshop give opportunity to make models by students for their individual or team studies related with their different courses. Model workshop has a 3 D printer, a laser cutter, a 3 D CNC Router, a vacuum forming machine, a circular saw, a vertical saw, a jigsaw, a hotwire saw, a column drill, and a lathe. A painting room and an electronics workshop also open to use for the students.