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Message from the Dean

Message from the Dean

Canan Sümer
Prof. Dr. Canan SÜMER
Faculty of Social Sciences, Dean

Welcome to the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) at Özyeğin University! The goal of the FSS is not only to prepare students for sustainable careers but also help them develop themselves as socially responsible, open-minded citizens who are actors rather than bystanders of their respective communities. Learning is by no means limited to traditional classroom experience at the FSS. Psychology students have a chance to see how the theoretical knowledge gained in class relates to real life, for example, by being involved in special programs targeting preschool children in disadvantaged neighborhoods; or by doing internships in a wide variety of settings, such as hospitals, psychiatry clinics, kindergartens, research centers, consulting firms, and human resources departments; or by actually designing, conducting, and reporting their own research.  Similarly, students of International Relations Department have many opportunities for applied learning. For example, they take courses like Contemporary Issues in Turkish Foreign Policy and gain priceless experience by learning about our recent political history and the ropes of diplomacy first hand from senior diplomats; learn about Game Theory and its applications; and develop their competencies in applied courses such as writing workshops. The FSS’s Department of Humanities and Social Sciences offers a vast array of courses to all Özyeğin University students with the overarching goal of developing them into adults who are open to new experiences and who appreciate culture, science, and diversity. And, of course, at the core of the FSS are our distinguished faculty members who are dedicated to guide students in reaching their full potential.

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