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Celal Alpay



Galatasaray University, Department of Industrial Engineering (Course Step)


Galatasaray University, Department of Industrial Engineering


Anadolu University, Department of Industrial Engineering (Major) / Anadolu University Electrical & Electronic Eng.(Fellowship)

High School

İDÇ Anatolian High School

Research Areas

Industry 4.0, strategic management, multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM), Intuitionistic and Neutrosophic Fuzzy Sets (IFSs and NFSs)

Human Performance and Limitations (PPL)
Human Performance and Limitations (ATPL)
General Navigation (PPL)
General Navigation (ATPL)


In 2014, Havle graduated from Anadolu University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering with the high honor degree and first place. Simultaneously with his graduation, he completed the Fellowship program in Electrical and Electronical Engineering and was admitted to the Master of Science in Industrial Engineering Program in Galatasaray University. During his graduate education, he worked in different positions such as logistics analyst and production engineering. Havle who managed many projects during his undergraduate and graduate studies, was accepted to the Integrated Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering in Galatasaray University in 2015 and he started to work as a research assistant at Özyeğin University, School of Civil Aviation, Pilot Training Department at the same time. He started to give classes with the authority certificate of Human Performance and Limitations given by General Directorate of Civil Aviation as Ground Instructor. After that he continued to give classes by taking another authority certificate for General Navigation in Özyeğin University Faculty of Aviation and Aeronautical Sciences, Department of Pilot Training.

During his undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral education, Havle conducted different courses such as operations research, production planning and control, facility planning, advanced statistical modeling, investment planning and analysis, decision support systems, visual programming, production system analysis and design, strategic management, engineering management, nonlinear programming, fuzzy logic applications in decision making processes. Following that, he specialized on Industry 4.0, multi-criteria decision-making, intuitionistic and hesitant fuzzy sets and he started to publish scientific articles.