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Mehmet E.

Mehmet E.



University of Minnesota, Management, 2005


METU, Management, 1997


METU, Civil Engineering, 1994

Research Areas

The impact of institutional environment on business firms, International expansion of emerging market firms, Competition between developing and developed-country firms, International diversification-performance relationship, Foreign market selection, Impact of foreign direct investment on local firms and economic development, Foreign market entry and exit dynamics


Journal Articles

  • Cuervo-Cazurra A., Genç M. 2011. “Obligating, Pressuring, and Supporting Dimensions of the Environment and the Non-Market Advantages of Developing-Country Multinational Companies.” Journal of Management Studies, 48(2): 441-455.
  • Genç M. 2009. “How to get the most out of Foreign Direct Investment in commercial banking.” Journal of Globalization, Competitiveness and Governability, 3(1): 76-87.
  • Cuervo-Cazurra A., Genç M. 2008. “Transforming disadvantages into advantages: Developing-country MNEs in the Least Developed Countries.” Journal of International Business Studies, 39: 957-979.
  • Zaheer S., Schomaker M., and Genç M. 2003. “Identity versus culture in mergers of equals.” European Management Journal, 21(2): 185-191.

 Book Chapters

  • Cuervo-Cazurra A., Genç M. 2012. “Categories of Distance and International Business”. In G. Wood and M. Demirbag (Eds.) Handbook of Institutional Approaches to International Business, pp.219-235. Edward Elgar: Northampton, MA.
  • Castañer, X., Genç M. 2011. “Expanding into institutionally different countries: Firm experience and entry mode choice.” In T.K. Das (Ed.) Strategic Alliances in a Globalizing World, pp 1-25. Information Age Publishing: Charlotte, NC.

 Work under Review

  • Genç, M., Gözübüyük, R. “Home country institutional environment, firm capabilities, and emerging market multinational corporations abroad” Submitted to Special Issue on “How Does a Multinational Company’s Home Country Matter,” Journal of World Business.

Work in Progress

  • Gardberg, N., Genç, M., Newberry, W. Strategic group membership and foreign direct investment: Location choice and timing in fragmented industries”
  • Genç, M., Castañer, X. Institutional environment diversity and multinational enterprise profitability: An empirical analysis in banking
  • Gardberg, N., Genç, M., Newberry, W. “Knowing When to Leave the Party: What Factors Contribute to Market Exit”
  • Genç, M., Gardberg, N. and Newberry, W. “Advanced Economy Multinational Enterprises in Emerging Markets: An Empirical Study of Survival”



•    Introduction to international business (MGMT302), Business Integration (SEC402), Strategy (MGMT402), Entrepreneurial Strategy (ENTR512), Strategic Management (MGMT701), Strategy and the Business Landscape (MGMT823), International Strategy and Organization (MGMT837), Strategy Formulation PhD Seminar (MGMT906), International Business and Strategy Seminar (MGMT919)