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The mission of the Graduate School of Business (GSB) at Özyeğin University (OzU) is to train the leaders of tomorrow and to create new knowledge on management. We emphasize being innovative, entrepreneurial and transformative as the three pillars of our educational stand and research agenda. Within a rigorous research environment and with close relations with business world, OzU-GSB community develops sectoral and functional expertise, identifies problems and provides solutions by challenging ready-made answers and applying knowledge acquired and generated through the process.

In a globally competitive environment, survival of companies relies on being innovative. An analytical training with an inquisitive approach not only provides tools to follow rapid technological advances but also enables one to lead the business world.

Entrepreneurs challenge the establishment and transform the world to a better place. The importance of entrepreneurial culture is acknowledged by governments to achieve economic prosperity and by companies to enjoy benefits of the creativity of their people. New start-ups or spin-off companies are the leading organizations of the future.

The challenges of the new world require to be transformative, to revision one’s beliefs on the existing paradigms and acquire new attitudes, to adapt to and to change the environment.

The three programs we offer at OzU GSB share these fundamental features.

The Executive MBA program (EMBA) offers a modular structure and rich content, over five 8-week modules (a total duration of 12 months). Participants with an average work experience of more than 8 years from various sectors create an excellent learning and networking environment. The EMBA offers a global immersion abroad study trip as a requirement for all students to experience the vision of our program in a global setting.

The MBA Program is an evening program with all features of a fulltime program, designed for working professionals and to be completed in five 8-week modules (a total duration of 12 months). The program aims to provide an updated and efficient set of instruments that enables the prospect manager to be able to take effective decisions. The MBA Program is enriched with case studies and executive seminars.

MS in Financial Engineering and Risk Management (FERM) is a one-year evening program catering to the needs of finance professionals with high aspirations. We offer a blend of technical and practical knowledge with unmatched industry experience and research output celebrated over the world. Classes are offered in a high technology classroom with state of the art Bloomberg terminals providing a dynamic and interactive class-room experience.

OzU’s founding philosophy of Entrepreneurship and Sectoral Connections are also reflected and incorporated into OzU Graduate School of Business. Our programs are substantiated and supported by three research, development and education centers: Center for Computational Finance, Center for Entrepreneurship, and Alp Alkaş Retail & Real Estate Center. Based on the expertise and knowhow developed and accumulated in these centers, we offer our participants an education where theory meets practice.

OzU GSB also offers customized Executive Education and Certificate Programs with sectoral or functional specialization. Successful participants of these programs have the opportunity to continue their education in degree programs with certificate credits counted towards the degree.

OzU GSB Highlights

Highly qualified International Faculty Members who are active and world-renowned researchers with deep sectoral experience not only bring cutting edge knowledge into their classrooms, but contribute to that knowledge by publishing in high-impact academic journals.

Use of state of the art education technology such as simulations, games, cases, and internet sources ease and enhance learning and create a rewarding and engaging learning experience.

Guest Speakers from leading organizations share their invaluable insights with our students while creating priceless networking opportunities.

In MBA and Executive MBA programs students are exposed to Basics of Business Knowledge through the core courses delivered with a balance of conceptual knowledge and pertinent real world applications.

A variety of elective courses offered to create sectoral and functional expertise as well as develop management and decision-making skills span over all areas of business delivering the latest developments in their respective fields.

Starting with our Orientation program accompanied with a series of Management Skills workshops on topics such as negotiation, team-work, business communications, and networking we develop and enhance soft skills essential in business leadership.

Our degree programs complemented with executive education and certificate programs motivate lifelong learning and specialization.

With all the above features we provide world-class Business education within your reach. Our programs take place in the main city centers at Altunizade and Swissotel facilities, while participants can take advantage of all resources and facilities offered by our main campus in Çekmeköy.

Our programs provide a unique combination of quality, flexibility, convenience, and value. We invite you to explore our websites, attend one of our information sessions and call our professional representatives for more information. Looking forward to meeting with you.