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“Erasmus is the meeting point of youth from all around the world. Take your place in that picture!”

Sedat Onur Çakırlar (Pforzheim University, Germany)

“I suggest everyone who wants to be a part of an international community in the future to be a part of Erasmus Exchange Program. It is definitely worth it!”

Mine Özer (ISM, Lithuania)

"Take an exciting, adventurous journey to self-discovery, personal growth and a novel perspective on the world around you, form enriching, and life-long friendships in just a few minutes and accomplish in a matter of months what many have failed to attain in an entire lifetime."

Dasa Stanimirovic (University of Bologna, Italy)

“If you already caught or about the catch the opportunity of being an Erasmus student, I suggest you go ahead with it. Erasmus exchange was one of the best decisions of my life. It is the right choice for you if you are interested in travelling, getting to know new people, and learning new languages just like me.”

İrem Demircioğlu (Pforzheim University, Germany)

Thanks to Erasmus experience, I got to know a different culture, saw new places, and made new friendships. I highly suggest it!

Burcu Özonat (European Business School, Germany)

"It was the best time of my life!!! I will always remember my exchange semester in Pfrozheim, Germany as it has brought so many amazing things to my life! I met new friends, I got engaged in German culture, I got to experience their education system and I enjoyed every second of it! "

Jamila Humbatlı, Pforzheim University, Germany

Erasmus is definitely a period that needs to be experienced in a lifetime. I feel lucky to have acquired this opportunity due to the experiences gained and faced realties. If you would like to meet with new cultures and friends you should attend to this program.

Semih Altaş, Poznan University of Technology, Poland

It has been a month since the Erasmus term is over and I am still in touch with friends who are planning to come to Istanbul and with those whom we spent our study abroad period together. To keep our exchange term memories alive… If I had the courage to delay my graduation, I would definitely reconsider attending to the Erasmus exchange again. I experienced a lot of difficulties and still can say “good that I went”.

Mine Özataş, Carlos III de Madrid, Spain