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3 BS Alumni

3 BS Alumni

Mechanical Engineering

We will keep updating the success stories of our graduates at this page who had their undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering department at Özyeğin University.

Elif Gizem Tunçel

Gizem (ME) works as a project coordinator at GÜNSEL EV, the domestic electric vehicle company of Northern Cyprus. Gizem completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Özyeğin University's mechanical engineering department, believing in the importance of a multidisciplinary approach and living in all areas of life. She took active roles in many national and international organizations during both education periods and returned to her country with various awards in the competitions she participated in.

Gizem, who is an ENKA sports club licensed athlete, continued her professional swimming life at her club and university throughout her undergraduate education and took an active role in all inter-university competitions representing Özyeğin University. She founded Özyeğin University's swimming team with her friend Cansu Buket Tokat and achieved many successes in individual and team competitions in Özyeğin's first gold trophy swimming team. At the same time, she worked as a swimming coach during her undergraduate and graduate education and she trained young athletes.

In 2016, Gizem started her master's education under the supervision of Prof. M. Pınar Mengüç. She was selected for the final held in Paris among 19.722 teams from all around the world in the international "Go Green in the City Competition", which she participated with Ebru Tatar in her first year, and was awarded with the "Women in Business Award". At the same time, she worked as a teaching assistant during her graduate education and conducted the chemistry laboratory courses she was assigned to.

In 2018, in the Samsung Bosphorus Intercontinental Swimming Race, which was chosen as the World's Best Open Water Swimming Organization, in which a total of 2400 athletes from 52 countries participated, she won the Silver medal. What makes this race special for her is the successful donation campaign she organized as a TEV volunteer within the scope of the “TEV- Educated Girls, Hopeful Futures” project. In the same year, she won the gold medal in the Çanakkale Boğazı race. She participated in the project management trainings organized by various academies in 2022 and passed the IPMA exam and was awarded the "IPMA Level C: Certified Project Manager" certificate. She has been working as a project coordinator at GÜNSEL EV since the summer of 2020 and has been giving Tango dance training to many employees voluntarily in the dance club she founded in 2022.

Ayşan Dibekçi

Ayşan (ME) completed her undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. Shortly after her graduation, she started the Mechanical Engineering Master's Program at Özyeğin University. During her master program, she conducted researches in the field of medical robotics. In 2018, she had the opportunity to present some of her studies at the international platform Biorob (International Conference on Biomedical Robotics and Biomechatronics).

Ayşan, who has been working as a product development, design and release engineer at Ford Otosan, which operates in the automotive sector, since 2019, has worked with many teams and companies from Turkey and abroad in their projects in Europe, England, Africa, due to Ford Otosan's global structure. Ayşan manages processes such as designing and commissioning in accordance with the requirements of many different locations such as the Far East. She is contributing to many vehicle models within Ford, with various functionality, innovative ideas, and products of different designs, materials and strengths. In addition to all these engineering competencies, Ayşan maintains the role of Kanban Master and she facilitates the adaptation of her teammates to the agile structure.

Ece Mut

Ece (ME), works as a Senior Specialist Engineer in the Truck R&D department of Mercedes Benz Turk A.S. company. As part of her job description, she contributes to the development of electric heavy/medium truck concepts. Gaining experience in the application areas of engineering during her internships, Ece received training in automotive design in 2015 and completed 2 separate design projects during this time. Afterwards, she studied at Pforzheim University as an exchange student with an Erasmus+ scholarship. Between May-October 2017, she worked as a TÜBITAK scholar in the project titled "Dynamics of Drops That Hit Moving Surfaces and Its Use in Surface Coating and Spray Technologies".

In her undergraduate thesis, she worked on the optimization of the anti-roll bar of Mercedes heavy class construction site trucks. With this work she did with her teammate, they won the third prize in the 7th automotive R&D project market and component design competition in 2018. Within the scope of the same project, they also transferred their work to an academic article and this study was published in the International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition (IMECE), one of the largest mechanical engineering conferences in the world.

After her graduation, she started to work for TUSAŞ Motor Sanayii A.Ş. as a Structural Analysis Engineer. Between the years 2018-2022, she worked in the TEI-TS1400 Turboshaft Engine Development Project, which is Turkey's first type certificated original and national engine. She returned to the automotive sector as of April 2022 and still continues her work at Mercedes Benz Türk A.Ş.