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A PhD in Management prepares candidates for an academic, analytic managerial or analytic consultancy career. A PhD in Management entails acquiring a broad foundation of knowledge about these various activities. Based on such a broad foundation, candidates can specialize and get in-depth knowledge of a specific research aspect of management, such as strategy, decision making, entrepreneurship, innovation, organization, inter-organizational networks or leadership. Next to the foundations and the content specialization, research skills are central to acquiring a PhD in Management.

Research in management entails collecting data, describing management activities, finding regularities and anomalies, contributing to theory development, finding configurations of effective practices, and, based on that, making recommendations for the practice of management.

Management transcends the organization of all human endeavors. As such, the study of management has potentially profound implications for organizations, as well as the people that operate in them. Yet, there is a gap between the study of management and the practice of management. In the management concentration we desire to bridge that gap by engaging in research that has practical application for real time organizational issues.

There are a number of broad areas of research that fall under the Management domain: Human Resource Management, Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Strategy, International Business, Innovation, Entrepreneurship. We encourage integrative work that builds on the collaborative atmosphere we have created to facilitate intellectual inquiry. If you join our program, after building your knowledge base in some foundational courses, you will work intimately with your advisor to carve out your intellectual contribution to making our world a better place. If you would like to be part of something significant, that has the potential to change peoples’ lives, then consider our Ph.D. program in Management.

Research Focus

Organizational Behavior, Leadership, and Human Resource Management:

  • How can we create more sustainable organizations, that care for people, profits and planet?
  • How do managers perceive reality?
  • How do managers create meaning?
  • What is the role of organizational vision in the realization of organizational goals?
  • How do culture and managerial action interact to produce outcomes?
  • How can we encourage creativity and innovation in organizations?
  • What can neuro-science shed light on leadership effectiveness?
  • How do national culture and organizational dynamics interact to produce outcomes?
  • How can we better prepare managers to be effective negotiators?
  • How can diversity be leveraged within and across organizations?
  • Social networks and organizational decision making; behavior theory of the firm
  • Social networks and governance
  • Effects of experience and experiential learning on judgments
  • Real vs. symbolic pro-social behavior

Strategy and International Business:

  • Strategic groups
  • Strategy in inter-organizational networks
  • Strategic fit and performance
  • Psychology and ecology of competitions
  • Competitive influences on market entry
  • Geographic diversification and firm performance
  • Institutional environments and firm strategy
  • Antecedents of foreign market survival/exit
  • Social networks in international business
  • Internationalization of new ventures

Innovation and Entrepreneurship:

  • Open innovation
  • Social Innovation, Inclusive Innovation
  • Creativity, Technological Innovation and Knowledge Management
  • Reverse Innovation
  • Innovation capabilities and their influence on innovation performance and firm performance
  • Science/technology/innovation networks
  • Innovation systems (company innovation system and business ecosystem/innovation network)
  • New business creation in high tech industries
  • Entrepreneurship in developing countries
  • New venture survival and growth