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Academic Program

Academic Program

The regular period of study for PhD in Business programs is eight semesters for students admitted with a thesis master’s degree, and ten semesters for students admitted with a bachelor’s degree, regardless of whether students renew their semester registrations each semester. The Post Master’s PhD program must be completed in at most twelve semesters, while the Post-Bachelor’s PhD Program must be completed in at most 14 semesters. The period of study starts from the semester in which the courses of the respective program starts. Semesters spent in the scientific preparation period are not counted towards the period of study. Students who fail to graduate within their maximum period of study are dismissed from the University by the decision of the respective GSEB.

The first two years of the program generally consist of courses and then followed by a two-year thesis. During these last two years, the PhD candidates work with their advisors of their choice, identify their topics of interest and strive to complete their dissertations in their chosen fields. This is where the ideas find plenty of space to flourish and turn into meticulously prepared academic papers.