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Message from the Director

Message from the Director

The world is changing at an increasing speed given the developments in the information and communication technologies. One fundamental impact is on the definition of value in the society. Value increasingly means not only finding the right knowledge and creating insights but also facilitating the real-time delivery mechanisms to act on the knowledge and insights. Ozyeğin University with its entrepreneurial focus and the PhD program provides a unique proposition for the next generation academic leaders.

The PhD program’s mission is to educate the leaders who will be instrumental in charting the next generation businesses in the connected economy. This mission is achieved by a combination of guided, self-paced research opportunities followed after completing a rigorous foundational two-year program. 

The essential tools and techniques as well as necessary skills and technical knowledge are acquired during the first two years. The first year provides a comprehensive orientation to the academic discipline. The PhD candidate is expected to acquire a broad perspective in the key study areas through introductory survey lectures that cover finance, marketing, operations and management. A holistic understanding with the right academic rigour provides abundant opportunities to be creative both from a methodology and an implementation point of view.

During the last two years, the PhD candidates work with their advisors of their choice, identify their topics of interest and strive to complete their dissertations in their chosen fields. This is where the ideas find plenty of space to flourish and turn into meticolusly prepared academic papers. 

The business world is increasingly under pressure to keep-up with the changing nature of value. The stake holders demand increasingly innovative and technology-driven solutions.  Once respected higher-education degrees become an expected venture for any individual who is serious to make significant contribution. Such ventures turn out to provide fertile grounds for data scientists and for acquiring deep-area expertise, key traits for the next generation leaders. I hope to see your application to the program if this path excites you.


Assoc. Dr. Bige Saatçoğlu

PhD Program Academic Director