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Students who successfully complete the English Language Preparatory Program are entitled to start their 4-year Undergraduate Professional Flight Program.   Academic courses as well as theoretical ground training will be delivered by the Özyeğin University Undergraduate Professional Flight Program, while flight training will be offered by AYJET Anatolian Stars Flight Training Organization as per the Academic Cooperation Protocol signed between Özyeğin and AYJET. Our graduates will also be qualified for the Pilot License (ATPL) issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (SHGM).

“Prospective students must submit a first class  health certificate (Class-1) issued by the authorized aviation medical centers that are recognized by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (SHGM), along with a clean bill of health which states that the “there are no impediments or limitations that prevent the bearer from serving as the pilot-in-command in single-pilot certified aircrafts.” 

Prospective pilots must satisfy the necessary conditions stipulated for Student Pilot License applications in the Rules and Regulations for Aircraft Pilot Licenses (SHY-1) published by Directorate General of Civil Aviation. “


Our Mission

To train professional pilots with the skills, competence, theoretical and practical experiences required to meet the needs of national and international airline companies.

Our Graduates

The Graduates of Özyeğin University Undergraduate Professional Flight Program will have both national and international employment opportunities through their undergraduate program delivered fully in English and their internationally recognized pilot license. 

Özyeğin University Undergraduate Professional Flight Program aspires to produce graduates who;
  • hold an internationally recognized pilot license 
  • demonstrate english language proficiency at icao level 6,
  • are highly disciplined, 
  • are able to think fast and make good decisions,
  • attach great importance to flight safety and security,
  • devoted to the aviation culture, 
  • vested with the necessary skills and competences to meet the pilot needs of both national and international airline organizations,
  • possess a strong academic background, eager to conduct research and able to satisfy the need for instructor pilots,
  • are great team players equipped with strong leadership skills

Academic Program 

The Undergraduate Professional Flight Program curriculum has been designed in line with the rules and regulations of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Airline Transport  Pilot License (ATP) standards of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). In addition to the Professional Flight, students will also be offered an intensive academic program which will set them apart from the competition by building a robust foundation about airlines and corporate aviation.
Professional Flight Program
Proffessional Flight Program

Career Opportunities

The Undergraduate Professional Flight Program prepare its graduates for a vast array of career opportunities at  airline companies, general aviation companies, universities offering pilot training programs as well as flight training organizations through its rich curriculum offering academic courses, elective courses as well as theoretical courses and flight trainings for PPL and ATPL.  

Graduation Requirements 

Prospective pilots are required to complete a total of 52 courses (240 ECTS) in order to graduate from the Undergraduate Pilot Training Program. 
Course Type Number of Courses Course Credits
Courses 48 222 ECTS
Electives (Aviation)   3   18 ECTS
240 ECTS