Özyeğin University, Çekmeköy Campus Nişantepe District, Orman Street, 34794 Çekmeköy - İSTANBUL

Phone : +90 (216) 564 90 00

Fax : +90 (216) 564 99 99

E-mail: info@ozyegin.edu.tr




The School of Languages (ScOLa) in Özyeğin University strives to develop students who:

  • have an excellent command of written and oral English;
  • excel in their studies both at the undergraduate level and beyond;
  • are able to think critically and learn continuously, both on their own and in collaboration with others;
  • are highly skilled at utilizing information technology tools effectively;
  • can make ethically-grounded decisions in their professional and personal lives.


The School of Languages (ScOLa) aspires to:

  • have one of the best English for Academic Purposes (EAP) programs in the country while at the same time promoting the most integrated use of educational technology;
  • develop a custom-designed program that best meets the needs of each and every Özyeğin University student;
  • provide and support continuous professional development for its staff;
  • contribute to the development of English Language Teaching (ELT) both in Turkey and abroad.