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A2 Level

A2 Level


     At the end of this level, students will be able to …

  • listen to talks and understand main information/ideas and factual details of the talk on familiar topics provided that it is clearly and slowly articulated with a familiar accent.

  • they can give simple and short descriptions and provide simple factual information about familiar and everyday topics, and can make simple claims supported by basic reasons in predictable and semi-rehearsed situations.Students can communicate orally in familiar and routine tasks on familiar topics by using simple phrases to ask and answer questions and exchange ideas.Their oral production includes some repetition and repair, and requires guidance. There may be pauses and hesitations in the speech, and breakdowns in communication.

  • read short, simple texts on familiar topics consisting of high frequency and everyday vocabulary items. Students may need some guidance for a more detailed understanding of the text.

  • write a series of simple phrases and sentences to form a basic but coherent paragraph about familiar topics to describe people, places, events, objects, and a process or express an opinion.