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B1 Level

B1 Level

At the end of this level, students will be able to …

  • understand straightforward and factual information about general topics (e.g. health, education, work) by identifying main ideas/information and specific details provided the speech is standard and clearly articulated with a familiar accent.Students can take notes of main ideas and specific information in texts on general topics while listening to clear and straightforward talk provided that the speech is clearly structured and delivered with a familiar accent.
  • give coherent descriptions and provide factual information, and can make claims supported by reasons and explanations about general topics (e.g. health, education, work). Students can communicate with some confidence by initiating, maintaining, and closing interactions on general topics (e.g. health, education, work) including less routine and unprepared situations.  Speech is reasonably fluent despite some pauses.
  • read straightforward and clearly structured texts on general topics (e.g. health, education, work) with high frequency vocabulary by identifying the overall meaning and details of a text.
  • write straightforward and extended paragraphs on general topics that follow basic academic conventions and produce short summaries of texts by paraphrasing and summarising the original text.