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Shaexperience Sessions

Shaexperience Sessions

UGE Sharing Experience (Shaexperience)

Teacher development is the sine qua non of making progress in one’s career and since the shelf life of our diplomas is just for two years, it is a must for especially language teachers to keep pace with the advances in ELT. Otherwise, as Scrivener (1994, 200) states, twenty years of teaching experience may turn out to be a two-year experience repeated ten times over.  To this end, as Undergraduate English Courses Instructors, we have decided to organize a series of workshops and presentations all through the academic year starting as of 23 Oct 2013. The aim of this event is to facilitate a medium in which all members of UGE programmes (as well as Prep instructors) come together and share their valuable experiences regarding teaching EGAP, ESAP, GE, and so on as well as presenting papers, research studies in their field of interest.Therefore, the scope of Shaexperience includes but not limited to:

1. EAP applications (course design, objective setting, assessment tools and types, teaching methods, referencing and in-text citation, presentation and seminar skills, giving effective feedback, etc.)
2. ELT methodologies and techniques (teaching grammar, lexis, reading, writing, listening and speaking on an academic level)
3. Field specific presentations (Ph.D. dissertations, research studies, papers presented at conferences/seminars on various topics)
4. ICT applications in EAP settings
5. Others

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