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SEC 101 Course Projects

SEC 101 Course Projects

Social Responsibility and Awareness Projects are designed and led by our group of volunteer students - we call them - Duyarlı OzU Volunteers. Within this course - SEC 101 - Introduction to University Life, we aim; 

  • Every new registered student experience community service and create a sustainable culture of volunteerism in the institution or campus,
  • Encouraging our students to take an active role in their solutions by providing them to observe social problems in place,

With the help of these aims, we also try to support the personal development of our students and to give them skills such as time management, communication and problem-solving.

How Does It Work?

  1. A student chooses a project of her/his own interest.
  2. Project leader and the volunteer support team provide information about project details and process.
  3. According to the project timeline, students will be working up to 12 hours per semester.

2016-17 Academic Year Report 

2017 - 2018 Academic Year Projects

Project Categories and Projects

  • Projects with Children
    • Reading Book at Kindergarten (Nişantepe Kindergarten)
    • Handicraft Workshop at Primary School (Nişantepe Primary School)
    • Make A Wish (NGO - Bir Dilek Tut - birdilektut.org)
    • Book Stop ( On-Campus Project)
    • Twin School (Nişantepe Primary School)
  • Projects with Elderly
    • Movie Hour at Göztepe Semiha Şakir Nursing Home
    • Interview and Story Writing with the Elderly Project
  • Projects with Animal
    • Campus Dogs (Özyeğin University Temporary Animal Care Center)
  • Projects with Disabilities
    • Audio Library
    • Disability Awareness Week
    • Autism Awareness Time
  • Health, Safety and Environment Projects
    • Waste Management and Environmental Sensitivity
    • Emergency Behavior Training
    • Occupational Safety and Environmental Applications in Construction Sites
    • Occupational Safety and Environmental Applications in Engineering