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HoT Club

HoT Club

International Hospitality and Tourism Club (OzU HoT Club)

The most distinguished feature of OzU Hotel Management Program for me is that we gain many benefits from being in a university environment integrated with professional life. Professional experiences gained during the internships have rendered this integration possible.  On the other hand, the professors and lecturers teaching us are well known in the academic and sectoral world; they do their best to share with us their academic and professional knowledge so that we will graduate with the most suitable qualifications and get ready for professional life. We have no difficulty getting responses to our questions since all faculty members are open to communicate with us. This, certainly, supports us with our university life and in the preparation stage to real life.
We have set the objectives of our club so as to integrate with the teaching and learning environment provided to us. With the vision to construct a modern hospitality and tourism awareness among our colleagues, Ozu HoT Club aims to conduct studies together with hotels, hospitality establishments and variety of tourism products and to pursuit the tourism trends in Turkey and in the world.
I have been working at OzU HoT Club for about four years and have taken an active role in some events. This year, I have had the chance to be the president.  I believe taking part in OzU Clubs has numerous advantages and opportunities to take a little escape from hard times of lectures and to get socialized.  Sharing different ideas and opinions, taking responsibilities, being leaders and respecting different opinions are only some of them.  All the planned and realized activities are, in fact, products of effective team work; therefore, we have the chance to gain and develop this very important skill before graduation. This skill is one of the basic requirements of hospitality sector and one of the qualifications that OzU tries to give to each graduate and OzU HoT Club is the place where we can develop this skill.  In my opinion, taking responsibility for activities and working in job division and co-operation will make every single colleague get ready for professional life.

Being performers at OzU HoT Club, we get in touch with top level people in the sector and invite them to our school. Moreover, we organize visits to various establishments to take a close look at the professional world. All of these activities are organized by our team members through effective team work and with the sense of responsibility. Thus, we took the opportunity to be aware of our skills required at the professional life, to test and to improve them. We share our experiences with our colleagues on social media.  As a result, we have created a platform to share the information about our activities not only for our colleagues but also for our future colleagues who are currently at high schools.

OzU HoT Club, where we have the most beautiful examples of team work, will get stronger with the participation and contribution of our new colleagues and anyone interested in hospitality and tourism. Eventually, this club will be our most meaningful heritage to our future colleagues. 

We invite you all to join us.
Perihan DEMSOY
 OzU HoT Club Team 

Members of the Board
Perihan Demsoy - President
Oğuzcan Ünal - Financial Affairs Executive
Adis Nurkoviç & Kadir Öztürk - Promotion and Web Executive
Mine Taner - Events and Organizations Executive
Shafa Mustafayeva - Subgroups Executive
Auditing Commission 
Kaan Van
Mustafa Can Özkaya 
Sümeyye Toptaş
Subgroup of Istanbul trips - Alara Polat, Gizem Öner, Şeyma Küçük, Tuğçe Kültürcü, Doğukan Doğan
Subgroup of trips (outside Istanbul) - Çağan Dündar, Kaan Karakütük, Mehmet Yasin Kızık, Oğuz Aykut
Subgroup of conferences and guest speakers - Atakan Yıldırım, Dilara Büyükkürkçü, Roseanna Dohoda, Yiğit Kazaz

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