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Message from the Department Head

Message from the Department Head

The undergraduate Business Administration program has been designed to prepare creative, result-oriented professionals who are equipped with in-depth knowledge about the sectors and vested with multiple foreign languages, great team working skills and universal values required to cater for the needs of the global economy. The main purpose of the program is to provide students with a management vision focused on today’s and tomorrow’s business life, and prepare them as prospective senior executives and entrepreneurs who will assume leadership roles in the business world.

In alignment with future employment trends, the Business Administration program places a high emphasis on the leading sectors both in the global and Turkish economy. The program is designed with a flexible and modular structure, which provides students with a broad vision and fundamental skills required in the fields of management and economics, as well as an in-depth knowledge about different sectors and fields. As businesses grow larger, the need for employees specialized in the different fields of Business Administration increases. The undergraduate Business Administration program allow students to specialize in one of the five functional areas, including Finance, Marketing, Operations Management, Management Information Systems, or Management/Organization.

Our university’s specialty process enriched with the know-how of our faculty and business partners gives our students the opportunity to distinguish themselves as they start their professional careers. Thus, through its inter-disciplinary approach and innovative education model, Özyeğin University moves one step closer to achieving its goal of producing multi-dimensional and qualified graduates.

Associate Prof. Nagihan Çömez Dolgan
Department Head, Business Administration