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The rapidly changing competitive world requires individuals who are able to generate, utilize and manage creative knowledge. The main objective of the undergraduate Business Administration program is to provide students with a management vision that can blend today's requirements and tomorrow's rising values, and to educate senior executive candidates who are able to assume leading roles in business world as well as entrepreneurs who would be the driving force of the economy.

During their first and second year, students participate in coursework predominantly composed of foundation courses and required program courses. Starting with their second year, students take a series of Sectoral Solutions courses, where they initially acquaint themselves with various business sectors like financial services, healthcare, or manufacturing of consumer and industrial goods. During their third and fourth year, students mainly take elective courses.

The undergraduate Business Administration program at the Faculty of Business allows students to specialize in different functional areas, such as Marketing, Finance, Operations, Management or Management Information Systems.

Students further enrich their education by taking courses on subjects of interest from outside their program, either within the same faculty (such as advanced economics or social entrepreneurialship), or from other faculties/schools, such as School of Languages, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Aviation and Aeronautical Science, Faculty of Engineering, etc.

Students continue to take advanced Sectoral Solutions courses, where they deepen their knowledge on various sectors and take part in applied projects. The mandatory internship complements the program emphasis of providing students with hands-on experience in applying theoretical knowledge to real business problems.

Specialization Areas in Business

Specialization areas in business help students prepare for a more focused career path that requires the knowledge and skills in the functional area of interest. The undergraduate Business Administration program at the Faculty of Business offers students the following areas to specialize in:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Operations Management
  • Management
  • Management Information Systems

Students who have completed 90 ECTS and above may declare a specialization area and they are required to take four Program/Area elective courses (24 ECTS) towards their degree. However specialization areas are optional. Students who have not declared any specialization area are assumed to have chosen to pursue General Business. This information will show on students’ official transcripts and diploma supplements.

In sum, the undergraduate Business Administration program students are exposed to state-of-the-art knowledge in general business, as well as an option to specialize in a desired area.

In-depth Knowledge and Experience in Different Sectors

The undergraduate Business Administration students deepen their practical knowledge of work-life through Sectoral Solutions courses, which are accompanied with expert guest lecturers from the business world, visits to firms and factories, as well as case studies. During their senior year, students work on real business projects in close contact with companies from different sectors.

The highlighted sectors for their potential in emerging future professions include Consumer Goods, Industrial Goods, Energy, Financial Services, Healthcare, Social Services, Retail, Leisure, Hospitality & Entertainment, Consultancy, Agency & Professional Services, Information and Communications Technology.

When specialization areas are combined with the selected sectors, the Business Administration program students achieve in-depth knowledge and experience that will help them gain distinctive advantages. For example, a student who graduates with a focus in quality management in healthcare, or a focus in finance in the retail sector. Hence, a strong academic foundation supplemented with a desired sector will help Ozyegin graduates make more educated choices and advance faster as they start their future careers.

Graduation Requirements

A candidate for the Business Administration undergraduate program must complete 240 credits and 44 courses and a minimum of one 8-week mandatory internship program. The graduation requirements for the undergraduate Business Administration program are summarized below:

Course Type Total Course Total Credits
BABUS Required Courses 32 164
BABUS Program Elective/Area Elective Courses 4 24
Faculty Elective Courses 4 24
Non-Faculty Elective Courses 2 12
Free Elective Courses 2 12
Internship / Certificate  - 4
Total 44 240