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  • August19-21
    Thesis Defense - Mihail Duscu (MSIE)

      Mihail Duscu - M.Sc. Industrial Engineering Asst.Prof. Dilek Günneç - Advisor   SENTIMENT ANALYSIS ON SOCIAL NETWORKSUSING MACHINE LEARNING AND AUDIOPROCESSING                     ...

  • August19-21
    Thesis Defense - Mustafa Mısırlı (MSME)

    Mustafa Mısırlı- M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering Assoc. Prof. Güney Güven Yapıcı- Advisor   Aging Response of AZ Series Magnesium Alloys After Thermo-mechanical Processing                     ...

  • August19-21
    Thesis Defense - Özlem Özden (MSEE)

      Özlem Özden- M.Sc. Electrical Electronics Engineering Asst.Prof. Ahmet Tekin - Advisor   HIGH FREQUENCY POWER SUPPLY DESIGN                     ...

  • August19-21
    Thesis Defense - Yousef Razeghi (MSCS)

      Yousef Razeghi- M.Sc. Computer Science Asst.Prof. Reyhan Aydoğan - Advisor   AGENT BASED NEGOTIATION FOR INCENTIVEDRIVEN PRIVACY PRESERVING INFORMATIONSHARING                     ...

  • August19-21
    Dissertation Defense - Dhyai Hassan Jawad Aljashaami (PHDME)

      Dhyai Hassan Jawad Aljashaami- Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering Assoc.Prof. Güney Güven Yapıcı - Advisor   Mechanical Performance of Layered Metallic Composites Processed by Accumulative Roll Bonding                     ...

  • August19-22
    Thesis Defense - Burak Talha Kılıç (MSCE)

      Burak Talha Kılıç - M.Sc. Civil Engineering Asst.Prof. Bülent Erkmen - Advisor   DETERMINATION OF EFFECTIVE BREADTH WIDTH OF STIFFENED PLATE STRUCTURES BASED ON NONLINEAR FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS                     ...

  • August19-22
    Thesis Defense - Cem Demirci (MSCE)

      Cem Demirci - M.Sc. Civil Engineering Asst.Prof. Ragıp Akbaş - Advisor   ON MODELING AND SIMULATIN OF SITE MATERIAL FLOWS AND LOGISTICS THROUGH BIM                     ...

  • August19-22
    Thesis Defense - Mohammed Abdel Latif Khalaf (MSCE)

      Mohammed Abdel Latif Khalaf  - M.Sc. Civil Engineering Asst.Prof. Ragıp Akbaş - Advisor   CASH FLOW GENERATION AND ALTERNATIVES ANALYSIS THROUGH BIM AND SIMULATION                     ...

  • August19-22
    Thesis Defense - Zaharaddeen Saleh Ahmed (MSARCH)

      Zaharaddeen Saleh Ahmed - M.Sc. Architecture Assoc.Prof. Murat Şahin - Advisor   A Study of Street Network Configuration on the Distribution of Non-Residential Land-Use in Abuja, Nigeria                     ...

  • August15-20
    Thesis Defense - Ekrem Çetinkaya (MSCS)

      Ekrem Çetinkaya- M.Sc. Computer Science Asst.Prof. Furkan Kıraç - Advisor   IMAGE DENOISING USING DEEP CONVOLUTIONALAUTOENCODERS                     ...

  • August15-20
    Thesis Defense - Osman Furkan Kınlı (MSCS)

      Osman Furkan Kınlı- M.Sc. Computer Science Asst.Prof. Furkan Kıraç - Advisor   CLOTHING IMAGE RETRIEVAL WITH TRIPLETCAPSULE NETWORKS                     ...

  • August15-20
    Thesis Defense - Mehmet Polat Küntüz (MSME)

      Mehmet Polat Küntüz- M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering Asst.Prof. Özkan Bebek - Advisor   SLIDING MODE CONTROL OF A SOLENOIDACTUATOR FOR SELECTIVE CATALYTICREDUCTION SYSTEM                     ...

  • August
    Thesis Defense - Erdem Peçenek (MSME)

      Erdem Peçenek - M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering Asst.Prof. Özgür Ertunç - Advisor   EXPERIMENTAL AND NUMERICAL ANALYSIS OF COMPACT PLATE HEAT EXCHANGER   Date: 15.08.2019 Time: 09:00 Location: AB1 412       Thesis...

  • August05-09
    Thesis Defense - Seyyed Kian Farajkhah (MSIE)

      Seyyed Kian Farajkhah - M.Sc. Industrial Engineering Asst. Prof. Enis Kayış - Advisor Asst. Prof. Elvin Çoban - Co-advisor   STOCHASTIC SCHEDULING OF OPERATING ROOMSAND REUSABLE MEDICAL DEVICES:...

  • August05-10
    Thesis Defense - Metehan Elibol (MSME)

      Metehan Elibol - M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering Prof. Mehmet Arık - Advisor   NUMERICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL ANALYSIS OF KSF LED PACKAGES IN A 65” ULTRA-THIN LED TV                       ...

  • August02-10
    Thesis Defense - Çağlar İşlek (MSEE)

      Çağlar İşlek - M.Sc. Electrical Electronics Engineering Asst. Prof. Cenk Demiroğlu - Advisor   ON THE CORRELATION OF PSYCHOACOUSTICMETRICS WITH MUSHRA-BASED SUBJECTIVESOUND QUALITY PERCEPTION...