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  • June05-12
    Dissertation Defense - Isam Jabbar Ibrahim Bajilane (PHDME)

      Isam Jabbar Ibrahim Bajilane - Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering Assoc.Prof. Güney Güven Yapıcı - Advisor   DEVELOPMENT OF A SOLID STATE SPOT WELDING TECHNIQUE FOR THE MANUFACTURING OF DEFECT FREE JOINTS   Date: 12.06.2019 Time: 14:00 Location: AB2 G12     Thesis...

  • June04-11
    Thesis Defense - Ahmet Emir Tuzcu (MSIE)

    Ahmet Emir Tuzcu - M.Sc. Industrial Engineering Assoc.Prof. Erkun Kundakcıoğlu - Advisor   EXACT APPROACHES FOR THE NO WAIT FLOWSHOPPROBLEM   Date: 11.06.2019 Time: 16:00 Location: AB2 G03     Thesis...

  • June04-11
    Thesis Defense - Olkan Kurt (MSIE)

      Olkan Kurt- M.Sc. Industrial Engineering Asst.Prof. İhsan Yanıkoğlu - Advisor   A MATHEMATICAL MODELLING APPROACH FOR DLED TV PANEL DESIGN   Date: 11.06.2019 Time: 09:00 Location: AB2 G02     Thesis...

  • June04-11
    Thesis Defense - İbrahim Edhem Sakarya (MSIE)

    İbrahim Edhem Sakarya - M.Sc. Industrial Engineering Assoc.Prof. Erkun Kundakcıoğlu - Advisor   AUC MAXIMIZATION FOR BINARY CLASSIFICATIONUSING COMBINATORIAL BENDERS CUTS   Date: 11.06.2019 Time: 15:00 Location: AB2 G03     Thesis...

  • June03-10
    Thesis Defense - Sadi Safaraliev (MSEE)

      Sadi Safaraliev- M.Sc. Electrical Electronics Engineering Prof. Murat Uysal- Advisor   LIGHTING DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS AND CHANNEL MODELING FOR VISIBLE LIGHT COMMUNICATIONS   Date: 10.06.2019 Time: 10:00 Location: AB2 G16     Thesis...