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Internship Procedure for the Undergraduate International Relations Program at Özyeğin University

You can contact cigdem.guler@ozyegin.edu.tr to send your internship documents and ask questions about the internship process.

For more information about the requirements of the internship course, and the procedures to complete before, during, and after the internship, please check the Internship Regulations. For the Internship Regulations, please click here.

The primary purpose of the compulsory internship courses in the International Relations program of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Özyeğin University is to integrate and support the theoretical and practical knowledge learned during undergraduate education with field experience and practices. With the internship practice, students will have the opportunity to gain awareness about an application or research area of ​​international relations, to make observations, and to experience the transformation of theoretical knowledge into practice. Another purpose of the internship is to help students gain work experience in their fields and develop their ability to take responsibility.

In order to enroll in compulsory internship courses (IR 390, IR 391, IR 392), students must complete the necessary prerequisites (SEC 201, SEC 202 and 60 credits) determined by their program. Students who cannot successfully complete the compulsory internship courses cannot graduate.

In order to successfully graduate from Özyeğin University's International Relations program, students must complete an internship for 40 working days. The student who completes the 40 working days internship receives 6 (ECTS).

Students can complete their 40-day internship in different organizations. Internships can be credited as two separate internship courses (IR 391-IR392) in blocks of 20 business days, or a 40-day internship (IR 390) can be completed in one go.

For compulsory internship courses, one of the pass/fail grades is given in accordance with the relevant regulation.

Özyeğin University pays the Social Security premium for students who do compulsory internship (for 40 working days).

Compulsory internships must be done in the period from the end of the spring semester to the beginning of the following fall semester, as described in the academic calendar. If there is at least three full-free days a week in the curriculum of the students, they can do internship in the fall and/or spring semesters with the approval of the internship coordinator.

With the approval of the internship coordinator, the studies that the students will do as part-time students in the research projects of the faculty members and that meet the duration and scope conditions can be accepted as compulsory internships.

Documents to be submitted to the Department Secretariat at the latest 10 days before the start of the internship:

  • Internship Information Form
  • Incentive Form
  • Identity card photocopy
  • Residency document (can be obtained from "e-devlet" with barcode)
  • Declaration and Agreement Form (with Health Insurance)
  • Declaration and Agreement Form (without Health Insurance)
  • The printout of the obscenity screen to be obtained from the "e-devlet".
  • Student document (can be obtained from e-government with barcode)
  • Transcript (you can download it as PDF via SIS and bring a photocopy)

Documents to be submitted to the Department Secretariat until the first day of the summer term final exams:

  • The Internship Report (General Report and Internship Diary)
  • Internship Evaluation Form (It must be filled in by the authorized person in the internship institution and sent to the Department Secretariat by e-mail.)

In case of a change in the internship end date, the student is obliged to inform the Department Secretariat.