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Academic Projects

Academic Projects

Jean Monnet Chair of Migration and Mobility within Europe

On 18 March 2016, the European Council and Turkey reached an agreement that aimed to stop the flow of irregular migration via Turkey to Europe as a response to the European migrant crisis. Since then, migration has become one of the key issue areas where EU-Turkey cooperation continues. While different actors on both sides are discussing about freezing the relations, those who still believe in Turkey being a part of Europe are seeking ways to maintain ties, presenting the cooperation on migration with a possible spill-over effect to other areas. At the same time, there is an unprecedented interest in migration studies in Turkey that has become the host of the largest refugee community in the world. Whereas most research as well as policy focus seem to be directed towards this rather single aspect of migration and mobility within European-Turkish migratory system, i.e., the managing of refugee flows; there is a tendency to overlook migration and mobility within Europe from a larger framework, e.g., intra-EU mobility, Erasmus exchange, new trends of citizenship acquisition, life-style migration, etc. Within this context, the aim of the Jean Monnet Chair of Migration and Mobility within Europe, CHARM is to understand the ways in which European integration has reflected developments in the governance of migration and mobility within the continent. Given the nature of the relationship between the two, presenting a systematic study and public understanding of these developments can act as a stimulus to analytically reflect upon the current and future migration and mobility policies of not only the EU, but Turkey as well. Accordingly, CHARM aims to provide a knowledge, networking and discussion platformfor students, researchers, academics, civil society representatives, policymakers, and other professional and specialized agencies who are working on any area of migration and mobility in relation to European migratory system. Assoc. Prof. Deniz Sert from Özyeğin University Department of International Relations is the chair of the project. Further details regarding the Jean Monnet Chair of Migration and Mobility within Europe can be found here.

Abroad Perceptions on Turkey's COVID-19 Aid

The project, with the onset of the COVID-19 period, focuses on the perception of Turkey's aid abroad in the countries where aid is given. Considering the Eurobarometer data, it is seen that Turkey is not wanted with a rate of 59% (2010 verileri AB ortalaması) in the survey, which evaluates the possibility of Turkey becoming a member of the EU in the future. For the research, four countries (Germany, France, England and Italy) are selected, with a negative view of Turkey and lower than the EU average, by taking this and similar Eurobarometer data as a reference. The project aims to examine how the aid provided by Turkey in the presence of COVID-19 affects the perception of Turkey in these countries. Accordingly, the main research question of the project is whether the COVID-19 aid sent by Turkey is reflected in the media, how it is reflected and the direction of change in the public opinion in these four European countries. In addition, it also aims to reveal a new project/study by comparing the data obtained after this research with the possible future survey results, thus contributing to the possible studies of the project. The project proposal was prepared by Özyeğin University student Kürşat Yalçın. The project team consists of Kürşat Yalçın, Melike Topuz, Ece Bolulu and Naz Özel.