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Applications and Admissions

Applications and Admissions

Being a Law graduate is not an application requirement. A bachelor’s degree in any undergraduate program is sufficient.

Prospective Turkish students who completed their undergraduate studies abroad are eligible to apply for our graduate program so long as their education, degrees, and diplomas are recognized by YÖK as equivalent to those offered by the higher education institutions in Turkey.  Degree holders must personally apply to the YÖK’s Department of Recognition and Equivalence Services to obtain a Diploma Equivalency Certificate. Prospective students who have not obtained their Diploma Equivalency Certificate yet must submit the proof of their application for a diploma equivalency certificate, which is issued by the respective unit, during enrollment.


Prospective students are expected to obtain the minimum passing score in one of the following Entrance Examinations for Graduate Studies.

EXAMINATIONSCORE / SCORE TYPEExpiration (As of Registration)
GMATAt least 450 points in Social Sciences-Equal Weight (SOZ-EA)5 years
GRE - Former SystemAt least 610 points in Social Sciences-Equal Weight (SOZ-EA)5 years
GRE - New SystemAt least 149 points in Social Sciences-Equal Weight (SOZ-EA)5 years
ALES*At least 55 (In any score type)5 years


* The ALES requirement is not applicable to applicants with a PhD, a doctor of medicine (MD), a doctor of pharmacy (PharmD), a doctor of veterinary medicine (DVM), a doctor of dental medicine (DMD), or a doctor of fine arts (DFA) (as per Article 5/1b and 16/1 of YÖK’s Rules and Regulations for Graduate Programs). These applicants are assumed to have obtained the minimum score of 55.

**The score reports must still be within their validity period at the time of enrollment.


Excluding the citizens of Turkish-speaking countries and students who graduated from fully Turkish-medium undergraduate programs, all international students must submit a TÖMER Turkish Proficiency Examination Score Report (must be at least C1 level). The exam score report is valid for 5 years from the date of issue. 


All documents must be in Turkish. If the original documents are in a language other than Turkish, notarized translations into Turkish must also be included in the application file.

1. Application Form: Online application form filled out truthfully, accurately and completely.

2. Diploma: A duly certified copy of the diploma awarded by the latest higher education institutions graduated from. Graduation certificates obtained via the e-government system are also acceptable.

3. Diploma Equivalency Certificate: For Turkish citizens who studied abroad:

For diplomas awarded to Turkish citizens by higher education institutions abroad, a duly certified copy of diploma equivalency certificate issued by YÖK's International Equivalency Office, certifying the equivalency of the diploma to that of a Turkish higher education institution.Prospective students whose Certificate of Equivalence has not been issued yet may attach their Certificate of Recognition. Students who are not able to submit their Certificate of Equivalence must submit the proof of their application for a Certificate of Equivalence. These students are responsible for submitting their Certificates of Equivalence to the University as soon as they are issued.

4. Certificate of Recognition: For international prospective students who studied abroad:

For international prospective students who studied abroad, necessary applications for the recognition of their diplomas will be submitted to the Recognition Unit by our University. 

5. Transcript: Transcripts issued by all higher education institutions the applicant has so far attended or graduated from, showing all of the courses taken and grades achieved at the respective institutions.  If the transcript does not provide any description about the grading system, separate documents must be provided for the grading system of the respective institutions.

6. Exam Score Report for Graduate Studies: A copy of the exam score report for graduate studies listed in the application requirements. The score reports must still be within their validity period at the time of enrollment.

7. Turkish Proficiency Examination Score: Turkish Proficiency Examination Score: International students must also submit their TÖMER Turkish Proficiency Exam Score Reports (at least C1) to prove their proficiency in Turkish. The citizens of countries whose official language is Turkish and prospective international students who graduated from fully Turkish-medium undergraduate programs are exempt from this requirement.   The score reports must still be within their validity period at the time of enrollment.

8. Letter of Reference: At least two letters of reference.  Letters of reference must be obtained preferably from the prospective student’s professors and/or previous/current employer. Once you enter your reference’s email address and contact details into the system and complete your online application in the system, an automated email message will be sent to your reference from our email system to inform your reference about how to upload the letter of reference.

9. Letter of Intent: Letter written by the prospective student to explain his/her personal or professional goals.

10. Additional Documents for International Students: Duly certified copies of the pages from the passport that bear the photograph and identity information. The original copy of the passport must be presented at the time of application. 

11. Additional Information: Applicants may submit any other additional information/documents that they think should be considered (special circumstances regarding their academic and professional career).