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Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

Cirruculum Overview
Course CategoryMinimum CreditsCourse
HUK 600 Scientific Research Technics, Publication Ethics and Seminar31
LLM Thesis Study I4,5 
LLM Thesis Study II30 
LLM Thesis Study III30 


First SemesterSecond Semester
Course CodeCourse NameECTSCourse CodeCourse NameECTS
HUK___Elective I7,5HUK 600Scientific Research Technics, Publication Ethics and Seminar3
HUK___Elective II7,5HUK___Elective V7,5
HUK___Elective III7,5HUK___Elective VI7,5
HUK___Elective IV7,5HUK___Elective VII7,5
   HUK 689Master Thesis Program I4,5
Semester ECTS30Semester ECTS30
Third SemesterFourth Semester
Course CodeCourse NameECTSCourse CodeCourse NameECTS
HUK 692Master Thesis Program II30HUK 693Master Thesis Program III30
Semester ECTS30Semester ECTS30
  • Students who complete more than half of the electives listed among their graduation requirements from the elective pool of the Energy Law track may apply to have Energy Law denoted as their field of specialization in their diploma supplements.


    *Graduates of undergraduate programs other than law must take the course “HUK 541 Introduction to Law for Non-Lawyers”, which will be counted towards the elective requirement.

    **Over the course of their thesis LLM studies, students may also take courses from the other graduate law programs up to 30 ECTS credits in total, with only 2 courses per semester, so long as such courses are not offered in their current program’s elective pool. A maximum of one of these courses can be from other law programs up to 15 ECTS credits in total each semester.

    *** Over the course of their LLM studies, students must publish a minimum of 1 paper in national/international indexed and refereed journals before their thesis defense.

    ****The HUK 6000 course is offered in both semesters.