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Indoor Sports Hall

Indoor Sports Hall

1. If you suffer from any medical conditions, it is best to check with your doctor before you start to exercise. Please inform the staff on  duty of any pre-existing medical condition that may affect your ability to exercise before beginning your exercise program.  

2. All users must sign in before entering the Athletic Center.

3. Children below 18 are not only allowed to enter the Athletic Center area unless they are accompanied by their parents. However they may use the Center with or under the supervision of their parents provided that their parents sign the consent form.

4. Sports items are borrowed by signing them out and are returned by signing them in. You must present a valid ID card when borrowing and returning sports items.

5. Locker rooms should be kept clean and orderly at all times, and personal items should be stored in the lockers provided. Locker must be kept locked at all times.

6. The university staff must use only the designated locker room facilities to change and shower.

7. No street shoes are permitted in the Athletic Center, Fitness Center or Studio Rooms. Only clean athletic shoes are allowed.

8. It is not allowed to occupy the showers more than 3 minutes. (One minute for wetting your skin, one minute for soaping and one minute for rinsing off.)

9. All equipment must be returned to their designated areas after use.

10. In case of any damage to Athletic Center equipment and facilities, the staff on duty must be informed.

11. Power and heating can only be switched on/off by the staff on duty.

12. Proper athletic shoes are required. Only soft shoes with light, flexible leather soles are allowed. Any athletic shoes that mark the floor including high heel shoes, black soled shoes, sandals, boots, cleats and turf shoes as well as slippers will not be permitted.
13. Adjusting, moving or hanging on the basketball rim or volleyball net is prohibited.   

14. Playing with retractable benches is not allowed.

15. You must follow the instructions and directions of the staff on duty.

16. You are personally responsible for any loss or damage caused during your use of Athletic Center equipment and facilities.

17. You may contact the Athletic Center Management for all your comments, questions and requests.