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Community Engagement Projects

Community Engagement Projects

Educating students with the understanding of community service and social responsibility is an important part of Özyeğin University mission and that mission is supported by Community Engagement Projects (CEP). Community Engagement Projects is an awareness creating program that aims for students to learn and experience the concept of sustainable volunteering.

With the Community Engagement Projects, our students will be able to;

  • Strengthen their community and living-oriented thinking and behaviors,
  • Become active citizens who lead in their environment with their life-long ethical values.

With the CEP, it is aimed to provide the opportunity for each student to live, experience and internalize volunteering by taking part in social responsibility projects, and to raise students with high ethical and moral values, with strong social awareness and responsibility.

Duyarlı OzU Volunteer Team, which was established during 2011-2012 Academic Year for this purpose, is the on-field student volunteer team of the CEP. Duyarlı OzU Volunteers work voluntarily in various kinds of projects and gain in-depth knowledge and experience about social issues, sustainable development and the third sector overall.