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Commission on Disability

Commission on Disability

The Disability Commission is responsible for making life at campus easier for the students, faculty and staff with disabilities at Özyeğin University. The commission makes the necessary administrative arrangements to support disabled students in their studies. The commission determines the existing needs, identifies the actions that need to be taken to meet these needs, eliminates these needs, or recommends solutions for these needs. The commission was established to encourage disabled students to benefit from and actively take part in on-campus events for their social development.


Prof. Dr. Güray Erkol (Vice Rector) (Chair)
Assistant Professor Semra Tokay (Faculty of Architecture and Design)
Assistant Professor Özge Yücel Dericiler (Faculty of Law)
Assistant Professor İbrahim Hakkı Acar (Faculty of Social Sciences)
Gizem Küçükgüner (Psychological Counseling Unit)
Yusuf Atabay (Psychological Counseling Unit)
Zelal Çelik (Academic Services Manager)
Nuray Özsoy (YOK Relations Coordinator)
Özlem Efe (Director of Library)
Sıla Oral (Legal Advisor)
Hikmet Taşdemir (Health & Safety and Environment Coordinator)
Hasan Kaya (Finance)
Özlem Gündüz (Disabled Student Unit)
Student Representative