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Campus Services Advisory Board Board

Campus Services Advisory Board Board

The Campus Services Advisory Board is responsible for determining the general rules and principles for the services offered to the University staff in order to facilitate the efficient and effective management of the activities performed by Özyeğin University’s administrative units (i.e. transportation, food, parking lots, cleaning, security etc.). The board reviews recommendations and complaints; and shares its opinion pertaining to the existing issues with the University Executive Board. The Chair of the Advisory Board is appointed by the Rector. The Advisory Board is made up of the Chief Business Officer, Administrative Services Manager, Dormitory Manager, Health, Safety and Environment Manager, as permanent members, Student Union Representative as well as and a member from each faculty or school who will serve for a term of 2 years.


Instructor Nergis Enmutlu (Chair) School of Languages
Prof. Dr. Gülay Altay (Faculty of Engineering)
Assistant Professor Bahriye Cesaret (Faculty of Business)
Assistant Professor Ayşe Hazar Köksal Bingöl (Faculty of Architecture and Design)
Assistant Professor Ali Sipahi (Faculty of Social Sciences)
Assistant Professor Celale Kırkın (School of Applied Sciences)
Assistant Professor Özge Yücel Dericiler (Faculty of Law)
Instructor Celal Alper Havle (Faculty of Aviation and Aeronautical Science)
Cemalettin Gürel (Operations Director)
Hikmet Taşdemir (Health&Safety and Environment Coordinator)
Aysel Şükran Kırkoç (Accommodation Services Manager)
Saadet Özkan (Technical Services Manager)
Meral Işık (Corporate Solutions Manager)
Student Union Representative