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The mission of the Özyeğin University Psychology Program is to contribute to the solution of social problems by transferring psychological knowledge produced by its dynamic and competent faculty members to every aspect of life and produce new psychologists to work in the theoretical and practical domains of psychology. We aim to offer universal education by taking into account new developments in the realm of psychology as well as the needs of the country; and nurture a learning and practice environment for our students to put their professional knowledge and skills into practice and further their academic and personal development.

The Language of Instruction

The language of instruction is English.


ÖzÜ Psychology Department was accredited by Turkish Psychological Association Accreditation Committee in 2016 for a 7 year period. 

Our Graduates

The Undergraduate Psychology Program prepares students as specialized psychologists in their selected tracks who are able to offer clinical and organization services and who are vested with the necessary skills and competencies to understand and interpret human behavior and its underlying mechanisms in the fields of medicine, education, law, management and information technologies.


The Undergraduate Psychology Program offers comprehensive and enriched education that provides a broad understanding of the fundamental concentrations of psychology and helps students specialize in certain tracks through a vast selection of electives to choose from.

Through our Sectoral Solutions courses, we introduce students to various industries and ensure that they will stand out among other graduates with their deep industry experience and sectoral know-how when they start their business life.


The Psychology department houses faculty members graduated from the most reputable universities in the world. They have significant experiences both in Turkey and abroad.