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Safety and Policy Objectives

Safety and Policy Objectives

Safety is the first priority in all our training and activities. We are committed to implement, develop and improve strategies, management systems and processes to ensure that all our aviation training and activities uphold the highest level of safety and meet national and international standards.

Our commitment is to:

  • develop safety and just culture in our organization, 
  • support the management of safety through the provision of all appropriate resources that foster safe practices, 
  • encourage effective safety reporting and communication process, 
  • ensure that externally supplied training, systems and services which may affect the safety of our training and operations meet appropriate safety standards, 
  • comply with legislative and regulatory requirements and standards, 
  • requiring all faculty and administrative staff, students and sub-contractor of Özyeğin University ATO to maintain a safe work environment through adherence to approved policies, procedures, and training; and familiarizing themselves, and complying with safety policies and procedures. 

The overall goal is to minimize incidents and accidents in all phases of training and activities conducted by and on behalf of the Özyeğin University ATO and encourage safe aviation training all ATO academic, administrative staff, students and subcontractor ATO.