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I have choosen Istanbul, because it is a big city with great diversity in terms of cultures and people. In addition to that, Constantinople was a big city of Byzantine and has a long history. It is also mentioned in the Kuran I Kerim, which in my eyes is very fascinating. Istanbul is equal to the great Ottoman Empire. Istanbul is a city you never get enough - it is a city with its own globe. I have choosen Özyegin  because it is ranked in the top 10 of the best Universities in Turkey and Özyegin had an agreement with DHBW. The highlight of my experience have been the taste of the turkish meals - I love all of them.urthermore Galatasaray got more important for me - the atmosphere in the TT Arena was unbelievable amazing! I also have to mention the astonishing view of the Bosporus. My favorite class was Macroeconomics - it was easy to follow and I have learned a lot of stuff, which is also relevant for "daily life" - I am able to speak a couple of languages so I did not have any difficulties in terms of communication. Ömer Polat - Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Mosbach (Germany)

I have greatly enjoyed my time here at Ozyegin University. I love that the campus is self-sustaining and promotes learning in an environmentally friendly atmosphere. I do wish our stay here was longer, not only so the class would be more bearable but so that we could have more time to experience Student life in Istanbul. Regard- less of my time here, I know that no amount of time would allow me to capture how expansive Istanbul is. Lauren Shaw, University of Kentucky (USA)

My experiences as an exchange student at Ozyegin University (OzU) were totally fabulous. That’s undoubtedly because of two things: OzU and this beautiful country, Turkey. First, education offered by OzU is very sophisticated. All the instructors whom I met here were enthusiastic and their lessons were interesting. I felt so comfort- able while studying here thanks to modern facilities and Learning Management System (LMS), where I got to know everything about my courses online. Second, I got amazed by this country itself. I really enjoyed walking down the lively streets and seeing the picturesque scenery of Istanbul. Also, I loved Turkish cuisine. Of course, the concern about bombs has been growing in recent years but actually I did not feel any danger while staying on campus thanks to security services. The most important thing is that here people will kindly help you whenever you have a problem even if you cannot speak Turkish. That made my stay in turkey truly wonderful.  In the end, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has been involved with me here.  Akira Sugai, Yokohama National University (Japan)

OzU is just the right place for exchange students with a highly modern learning environment on an up-and-coming university campus, situated in one of the most vibrant cities of the world, and getting great support as a foreigner from the OzU International Office. Ferdinand Spitzer (Germany)

Istanbul is a really exciting city to study in, and Özyeğin University is an excellent institution with great instructors and students who are easy to make friends with. I don’t regret my choice of having come here. Caroline Dussaussoy (France)

Both the students and the faculty at OzU were welcoming and considerable of our needs and well-being. The shuttles to and from the campus provided easy access to the city. The academic and extracurricular facilities at OzU were equipped with the newest technology and designed with the student body in mind. Connor R. Ferguson, University of Kentucky (USA)

My experiences at Ozyegin University have overall exceeded my highest expectations. Faculty, staff, and students were both friendly and helpful at making me feel welcome and at home. Performing research that is at the forefront of my field has been an amazing opportunity. What’s more is that the cultural diversity I encountered during my stay has given me the experience of a lifetime. James Mal, Oregon State University (USA)

It has been three months now that I am in Istanbul and the idea of departing in less than a month makes me feel sad already. Before my departure from Munich, I had no idea what to expect from Erasmus exchange programme and from this city. All I knew was that everybody has been telling me how awesome Erasmus is and that Istanbul will be the biggest of all cities I have visited so far. And all was true! This life experience of living in such a different culture for several months, meeting people from all over the world and getting to know something new every day, make Erasmus surely unique. Furthermore, living in such a city as Istanbul is incomparable with everything I experienced until now. On the one side the busy highways crossing the city, on the other side small quartiers full of charm and old traditional houses. People are great, life is exciting, music everywhere, beautiful mosques, but most important: best food ever! Thanks for this experience, I will never forget!!! Cyrill Gordon Yaşargil, Free University of Bozen Bolzano (Italy)

Hello, I am Phouthaxay Phommalay, currently an undergraduate Erasmus student in Business Administration, from France. For me, Istanbul and Ozyegin University are something that I recommend to every Erasmus student. The quality of the lectures and the close relationship between professors and students are something that I will regret. My favorite classes were International Marketing, taught by Steven Seggie, and IMC-Marketing Research by Raoul Kubler. The interest these teachers had in Marketing, and the extremely interesting content of the lectures made me definitely find my future vocation. Despite the event occurring this year, Istanbul is definitely a warm, beautiful and joyful city. Before coming to Turkey, I did not have any idea of the life and the citizens in Turkey. What I learned is that Turkish people are one of the most kind people on Earth, and therefore everybody should experience the Turkish hospitality. Moreover, the culture of this country is dense, rich of history, and the food is something to discover. During this year I met wonderful people, and I will never forget the incredible moments I lived here. Thank you for this experience. Phouthaxay Phommalay (France)

My first feelings when I found out that I will spend one semester at Ozyegin University in Istanbul were a bit mixed and to be honest I did not even looking that much forward to be away from my family and friends for that long time. However this turned out to be completely wrong expectation and after first two weeks I completely changed my mind. I started to exploring the city, going to different trips, having common lunches with other students at cafeteria and enjoying coffee at Cafe Nero. I met lot of great people from all around the world and created strong friendships, even with locals. Unfortunately my stay wasn´t only about friends and free time - major part of it was studying. According to this I have to say that Ozyegin University offers high level of education and also lot of extra activities such as international events, seminars on nowadays topics or running races on campus. It has also lot of great teachers and profesors, thanks to them studying here is interesting, and definitely attracted my attention. So If I could ever make my choice again I wouldn´t hesitate and go for OzU! Lucie Kubínová (Czech Republic)

Why you chose Istanbul, OzU and the Faculty of Business? I chose Istanbul because I wanted to try something different than usual Erasmus students. I believe that between all the cities to choose from, Istanbul, and Turkey more in general, offers a unique experience: the traditions, customs, and habits here are a lot more different than in any other European country. The city is beautiful and full of secrets and mysteries; it’s hard not to fall in love with it. OzU looked like a great University, with many opportunities and services for students, and its wide selection of courses allowed me to find those similar to mine back home.What was the highlight of your experience? Exploring this enormous metropolis and finding out about hidden and pretty cafes was absolutely amazing. Getting lost in Istanbul is fun because you never know what you might stumble upon. Every day you discover something new: this city always finds a way to surprise you. What was your favorite class? I sure enjoyed a lot all of my classes here. Teachers were very prepared but also available to help students with any doubt on topics covered in class. I think that’s very important, and something that, unfortunately, doesn’t happen back home in my university. How was your language experience? Turkish is probably not the easiest language to learn, and it’s also very different from mine. But I like it a lot and I felt satisfied when I finally got understood by locals trying to speak Turkish. I’m glad I took Turkish classes at OzU. Especially because outside of the university many people don’t speak English and to survive you need a few basics words. Giancarlo Sacco (Italy)