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Student Profile

Student Profile


I have chosen to study international relations for various reasons . Firstly, I come from an international background. I grew up with people from all around the globe, and had the opportunniyu to experience many different social and cultural aspects of the world. Second, I wanted to major in an area, which incorporated a multidisciplinary   approach that includes political science as well as international law, sociology, economics, and diplomatic history, because these are the areas of knowledge that fascinate me .

I found that my choice to study international relations at Ozyegin University was my best decision yet. I am able to study in an environmental with open minded and experienced professors, and the chance to learn in an environment of academic excellence which is interconnected with the policy world.




I have chosen to study international relations, because its unique interdisciplinary structure allows me to learn a variety of topics that cover the political and economic issues that I am interested in. Since 2012, I'm the volunteer activist group coordinator at Amnesty International in Istanbul. I'm also involved with various other civil society initiatives that are mainly working with migrants and refugees in Istanbul. Finally, I'm an undergraduate research assistant at Özyeğin University Migration Studies.

I decided to study IR at Ozyegin University, because Ozyegin gives me great social and academıc opportunities, and it has highly qualified faculty members. I believe that the main factors that make a university a “good university” are its academic autonomy and experienced faculty members. In this regard, I am very pleased with the opportunities provided by our department. I specifically benefit from the helpfulness of the faculty members and how they are interested in teaching and doing research with the students.