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Student Clubs & Projects

Student Clubs & Projects

Student Clubs 

As ScOLa Clubs, our ultimate goal is to help our students have the opportunity to participate in engaging and fun language activities that suit their needs and interests. Through these varied language activities, we provide students with opportunities that would allow them to demonstrate and practice their language skills outside their regular EFL classes. These activities also help us create an on-campus English speaking environment where our students are encouraged to use English language in authentic social settings. Although participation in the ScOLa clubs is optional, we encourage and look forward to the participation of students from every level into our ScOLa clubs for their language development.   



In addition to their regular classes, our students are offered ScOLa project classes where they can voluntarily get involved in problem-based learning through completing the given projects in all of our levels – A2, B1 and B2. These classes aim at improving not only our students’ language skills and but also their 21st century skills. The students who take part in the Project classes are asked to attend the classes every week and complete the given tasks in and outside the class. At the beginning of the semester, the students are presented with a global problem or need. Throughout the semester, students are expected to analyze the problem or the need at hand, look at it from different perspectives and come up with what can be done to improve the situation or solve the problem by doing research, using different resources and working collaboratively with each other. In this process, with the help and guidance from their project instructors, students are required to manage their own learning, evaluate the whole learning process and submit their work, where they focus on the solutions of the problem or fulfilling the need at hand, in the form of a blog at A2 level, a cartoon at B1 level, and a portfolio at B2 level.

You can see the work completed by our students in the previous semesters below:

A2 Projects:







B1 Projects:

B1-project - final cartoon sample 1

B1-project - final cartoon sample 2

B1-project - final cartoon sample 3

B2 Projects: