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Student Clubs & Projects

Student Clubs & Projects

ScOLa offers a variety of English Clubs, Live Lectures and Language Workshops to Prep students. Through these varied language activities, students are provided with opportunities that would allow them to demonstrate and practice their language skills outside their regular classes. These activities also help create an on-campus English speaking environment where students are encouraged to use English language in authentic social settings. Students have the opportunity to participate in engaging and fun language activities that suit their needs and interests outside of the classroom. Students can enroll in a language activity on LMS.



A2/B1 students are offered an extracurricular course which adopts a problem based approach. The course aims to improve students’ 21st century skills (critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity and innovation, self‐direction, global connections, local connections, using technology) while improving their language skills. As part of the course requirements, students are supposed to attend two-hour sessions each week and complete all the tasks in and outside the class to improve the aforementioned skills. They are introduced to a real-world problem at the beginning and are expected to present a solution at the end of the course. Before coming up with their own solutions in a short movie/blog, students are expected to do research, make use of various resources and work collaboratively to learn more about the causes, results and possible solutions. Throughout the learning process with the guidance provided by the teacher as the facilitator, students are expected to be self-directed learners and reflect on their learning experience. You can see some sample projects below.

A2 Projects:







B1 Projects: