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International Students

International Students

Residence Permit

All foreign students who will receive education in Turkey are obligated to obtain a valid residence permit for the duration of their education period. Students are required to apply for their residence permit within 1 month after their arrival in Turkey.

The duration of the residence permit cannot exceed the expiration date of your passport. Therefore students are advised to make sure that they have a passport with a sufficient period of time before coming to Turkey.

Students whose residence permit has expired must apply for an extension within 15 days.

Residence permit applications are made to the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Migration Management after getting an online appointment. We kindly remind you to review the web page https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr/ and follow the directions on this page to make an online appointment.

Students who receive or renew their residence permit are required to submit a copy of their residence permit to the Student Services Office.


In accordance with the Article 35 and Clause 11 of the Regulation on the Implementation of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection, the University is obliged to inform the Directorate General of Migration Management of international students, whose registration status is changed. Within this scope, students, whose active student status has changed due to withdrawal from the University, graduation, becoming a non-registered student and taking an academic leave of absence are notified to the related unit, and following this procedure, residence permits of those students are canceled by the Directorate General of Migration Management.

Students, whose residence permits are to be canceled, should contact the Directorate General of Migration Management to extend their permit and if they wish to obtain more detailed information.

Foreigner Identification Number

The Foreigner ID Number is provided by the General Directorate of Civil Registration and Nationality for foreigners who reside in Turkey for more than six months. This number is allocated to you when you receive your residence permit and it is the number starting with 99 on your card.

All documents and information prepared for international students must bear the Foreigner Identification Number. Until foreigner identification numbers are issued, passport numbers can be used for all documents and information prepared for international students. Students holding a Blue Card will use their TR Identity Numbers since such students are not issued with a separate foreigner identification number. 

Students who have received their residence permit and have a foreign identity number must submit their foreigner ID numbers starting with 99 to the Student Services Office.

Tax (Identification) Number

International students must have their foreigner identification number or tax number in order to be able to make banking transactions in Turkey. (The foreigner identification number can be used as of tax number.) Students holding a Blue Card can make their banking transactions using their TR Identity Numbers.

However Tax Identification Number will be used (for exp. residence permit late penalty application fee) for only the payments to Tax Office.
Students who do not have their foreigner identification number can obtain their tax numbers by personally applying to a tax office along with their passport and its copied pages.