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Graduation and Diploma Procedures

Graduation and Diploma Procedures

Students who fulfill all of the graduation requirements such as courses, projects, internships etc. of their respective programs and are deemed eligible to graduate by their respective faculties/schools/ graduate schools attain the status of “graduate” and become entitled to receive their diplomas and other graduation documents.

Graduation Documents

DiplomaDiplomas are issued to students who have graduated from their major and/or double major.
Diploma SupplementDiploma Supplements are issued to students who have graduated from their major and/or double major within the scope of the Bologna Process. Diploma Supplements are prepared to document the qualifications the student has gained by the time of graduation.
Minor CertificateMinor Certificates are issued to students who have graduated from their minor programs. Minor certificates can also be awarded to students who transferred from a double major program to a minor program and completed all of its graduation requirements.
Honor/High Honor Graduate Certificate

Among the students who graduate from their majors in the 10th semester at the latest, including transferred semesters (if graduating in the 10th semester, not to have attended the summer session), and did not receive disciplinary punishment from the major program they are enrolled in, Honor Graduate Certificate is awarded to the student with a graduation grade point average of 3.00 - 3.49, High Honor Graduate Certificate is awarded to the student with a graduation grade point average of 3.50 - 4.00. (Students who obtained a Grade F in an extra course they took and failed to repeat are not eligible to receive a High Honor/Honor Graduate Certificate.)

You can find the principles regarding the identification of honor/high honor graduates from their second major here.
Temporary Graduation CertificateTemporary Graduation Certificates are issued to students who graduated from their major and/or double major, but whose their diplomas are not ready yet.
Associate Degree DiplomaAn associate degree diploma is issued upon request to students who have taken all the compulsory and elective courses foreseen for the first four semesters of the primary program and the compulsory courses specified in the subparagraph (ı) of the first paragraph of the fifth article of the Law No. 2547, and who succeeded in all these courses with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00.

For document fees, please click here.

Printing and Distribution of Diplomas and Other Graduation Documents

Graduation documents including diplomas, diploma supplements, honor/high honor certificates, and minor certificates are printed at the end of each semester after graduation procedures are completed, and graduates are notified via their OzU email addresses. Once the notification is received, issued diplomas can be obtained from the Student Services Directorate within  working hours on weekdays.
Students whose diplomas are not issued yet may apply to the Student Services Directorate to request a Temporary Graduation Certificate when necessary. Students must return the original copy of their Temporary Graduation Certificate to the Student Services Directorate when their diplomas are issued. Students who fail to return their Temporary Graduation Certificate are not eligible to receive their diplomas.
Eligible graduates must fulfill the requirements specified in the Diploma Procedures section, if applicable, in order to become entitled to receive their graduation documents, including diplomas and temporary graduation certificates.


Eligibility Requirements to Attend the Diploma Ceremony

  • Students who graduated at the end of the summer session of the previous academic year and students who completed all of their graduation requirements (the minimum required cumulative grade point average, courses, internships, certificates, project/thesis submission etc.) at the end of the fall or spring semester in the current academic year are eligible to attend the Ceremony. However, senior Professional Flight program students who were unable to complete their flight training due to a compelling reason and therefore have been assigned an Incomplete (I) grade may also attend the Ceremony provided that they have completed all of the other graduation requirements. These students’ graduation and diploma proceedings are completed after their incomplete grades are replaced with their actual grades.
  • Double major students may attend both the Ceremony held in the year they graduated from their primary majors and the Ceremony held in the year they graduated from their secondary major. Double major students who have simultaneously graduated from both of their majors may attend the Ceremony held in the respective year only.
  • Students must attend the Ceremony at the end of the academic year in which they have qualified to graduate from their departments. Students may attend a Diploma Ceremony only once for each major they study at the University. Students who attended a Diploma Ceremony in any year may not attend the other Diploma Ceremonies which will take place in the following years.

Students, whose graduation decision has been taken but who fail to complete the diploma procedures mentioned below, may attend the Ceremony but cannot obtain their diplomas on Commencement Day. Students who fulfill their eligibility requirements after Commencement Day may claim their diplomas from Student Services during working hours.

Diploma Procedures

Eligible graduates must fulfill the following eligibility requirements, if applicable. Eligible graduates may check whether there are any eligibility requirements they need to fulfill via the Student Information System (SIS). Diplomas are awarded to students only after it is confirmed that students do not have any unfulfilled eligibility requirements.

Eligibility Requirements:

Department/ UnitRequirements
Student’s Faculty Dean’s Office / School Directorate / Graduate School DirectorateReturn any equipment issued for your use
Information Systems - User Support
Student Center, Floor -3
Return laptop computers in good, working condition, and fulfill other responsibilities, if any
Student Center, Ground Floor
Terminate your library account, and return any borrowed items including books and DVDs
Student Center, Floor -3 
Make any outstanding payments, if applicable
Security Office
Academic Building I (Faculty of Engineering), Floor -2 
Return your Student Identity Card (Campus Card) or Visitor ID Card
Accommodation Services
Dorm-2 Building
Complete dormitory procedures, if any
Athletic CenterReturn sports equipment, if issued, and fulfill other responsibilities, if any, pertaining to sports teams
Social Development Programs
Student Center, Floor -2
Fulfill responsibilities pertaining to the Student Union or the student clubs you are affiliated with, if any