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Course Substitution

Course Substitution

1.      Course substitution is a type of course repeat and, hence, is subject to same terms and conditions applicable for course repeats.

2.      Students must repeat the required courses they failed or withdrew from. Should the course to be repeated be an elective, the student may repeat the same course or may substitute it with another elective.
3.      In undergraduate programs, courses in which students earned a grade of B or higher cannot be repeated. Courses in which students earned a grade B- or lower can be repeated until students receive a grade C or higher. Accordingly, course repeat rules are as follows based on final grades:

GradesRepetition Status:
(First Repeat)
Repetition Status:
(Second or More)
ACannot Be RepeatedCannot Be Repeated
A-Cannot Be RepeatedCannot Be Repeated
B+Cannot Be RepeatedCannot Be Repeated
BCannot Be RepeatedCannot Be Repeated
B-Can Be RepeatedCannot Be Repeated
C+Can Be RepeatedCannot Be Repeated
CCan Be RepeatedCannot Be Repeated
C-Can Be RepeatedCan Be Repeated
D+Can Be RepeatedCan Be Repeated
DCan Be RepeatedCan Be Repeated
FCan Be RepeatedCan Be Repeated
SCannot Be RepeatedCannot Be Repeated
UCan Be RepeatedCan Be Repeated
ICourses assigned with a Grade I cannot be repeated until Grade I is turned into a final grade. Once the course is assigned a final grade, its eligibility for course repeat is determined based on the aforementioned rules.

4.      In graduate programs, courses in which students earned a letter grade of A- or below can be repeated.
5.      Students may substitute a course which they took in the current semester with a course they took in previous semesters provided that it has not been assigned a final grade yet. The substituted course (the latter course) must have been taken later than the original course. Courses taken within the same semester/module cannot be substituted with each other.
6.      In course substitutions, a course may only be substituted in lieu of another course. A course which was previously repeated or substituted cannot be substituted with another course.
7.      Courses waived/exempted as they were previously taken in other higher education institutions cannot be repeated.
8.      Courses substituted may have different number of credits.
9.      All the courses for which the student has registered to date are listed on the transcript.  However, only the latest grade earned is counted towards the grade point average calculation.
10.      Where both courses (the original and the substitute) are already assigned with final grades, the course substititon is subject to the decision of the relevant faculty/school/graduate school executive board. Students must apply to the faculty/school/graduate school secreteriat with the complete Graded Course Substitution Form.

11.     Student Services announces the course substitution period. 

12.     Course Substitution is done via Student Information System (SIS).