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Course Withdrawal

Course Withdrawal

Students may withdraw from a course online via the Student Information System (SIS) during the withdrawal period announced in the academic calendar.

Course Withdrawal Rules

  • Students may withdraw from the courses for which they registered within the withdrawal period specified in the academic calendar. Withdrawing from courses is not permitted after the withdrawal deadline.
  • Students may withdraw from at most two courses, and they are not permitted to withdraw from all of the courses for which they registered in the Fall or Spring semesters.
  • Withdrawn courses appear on students’ transcripts with a letter grade of “W”.
  • Course withdrawals are considered course cancellations during summer sessions.
  • In order to withdraw from a course with a co-requisite, students must also withdraw from the co-requisite.
  • In the event that the withdrawn course is a repeated course, the grade previously obtained from the course will be reinstated.
  • Students are not refunded for course withdrawals or course cancellations.
  • Students may make changes to or cancel their course withdrawals within the withdrawal period. Withdrawals are shown on the student’s transcript and course registration lists as soon as they are completed.
  • At the end of each day during the withdrawal period, course instructors and academic advisors are automatically informed about course withdrawals, receiving a notification email sent via Student Information System (SIS).