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Registration Renewal

Registration Renewal

Students must personally renew their registrations by registering for courses offered at the beginning of each Fall and Spring semester, within the periods announced in the academic calendar, after they pay the required tuition and fees and fulfill other liabilities required by the University, if any.

When failed to complete their registration within the announced dates;

  • Students may complete late registrations during the add-drop period.
  • Students who fail to complete their registrations are considered  unregistered students. Unregistered students cannot retain their student privileges during the period they spend as unregistered students.
  • Periods without registration are counted as part of the maximum period of study.
  • Provided that they submit an application to the University the start of classes in any given semester, unregistered students may  renew their registration at the beginning of the relevant semester with the resolution of the Faculty/School/Graduate School Executive Board.
  • Unregistered students who renew their registrations at OzU are subject to the fees applicable for newly admitted students in the academic year they are entitled to register again. Such students cannot retain their admission scholarships granted when they were first admitted to the OzU.