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Registration Renewal

Registration Renewal

Students must personally renew their registrations by registering for courses offered at the beginning of each Fall and Spring semesters, within the periods announced in the academic calendar, after they pay the required tuition and fees and fulfill other liabilities required by the University, if any.

If there is a change in the education programs of the students who renew their enrollment with the decision of the academic unit board decision while they are in the status of unregistered students, the process for the courses to be taken or exempted from will be completed with the decision of the related academic unit board.

When failed to complete their registration within the announced dates;

  • Students who fail to complete their registration may complete late registrations until the end of the add/drop period specified in the academic calendar. Students who complete late registration are required to fulfill the requirements determined by the University.
  • Students who fail to complete their registrations until the end of the add/drop period will become unregistered students as of the related period. Unregistered students cannot attend courses or sit examinations, nor can they retain their student privileges during the semesters they spend as “unregistered students”.
  • Periods without registration are counted as part of the period of study and scholarship.
  • Scholarships you have been awarded by the Loans and Dormitories Institution (KYK), if any, may be terminated during the semesters which are spent as unregistered students. For more information, you must contact the Loans and Dormitories Institution in person.
  • The Social Security Institution (SGK) may ask you to pay your contributions for your universal health insurance plan during the semesters which are spent as unregistered students. For more information, you must contact the Social Security Institution in person. 
  • Unregistered students' registration details are notified to the COHE via the COHE’s information system (YOKSIS). Therefore, please be advised that should you wish to obtain a student certificate via e-government while you are an unregistered student, your enrollment status will be denoted as “Unregistered” on your student certificate.
  • Provided that unregistered students submit an application to the related Faculty/School/Institute before the start of classes in any given semester, they may renew their registration at the beginning of the relevant semester with the resolution of the Faculty/School/Graduate School Executive Board.
  • During the unregistered periods, students' tuition fees and additional scholarships, if any, are terminated. However, scholarships of students who apply to return to the University are reinstated, and returning students must pay the tuition set for the current academic year based on the year in which they were first admitted to the University. The semesters spent as an unregistered student are counted towards the term of scholarship announced in the year of the student’s first admission to the University. In the graduate programs, for the continuation of the admission and additional scholarships, the procedure is made according to the decision of the relevant Graduate School Administrative Board.
  • The University withdrawal procedures of the students who remain in the status of unregistered students for four consecutive years within their maximum education period will be carried out in accordance with the principles set by the University Senate with Article 44 of Law No. 2547.

Additional Notification for International Students Enrolled Under the International Student Quota:

In accordance with the Article 35 and Clause 11 of the Regulation on the Implementation of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection, the University is obliged to inform the Directorate General of Migration Management of international students, whose registration status is changed. Within this scope, students, whose active student status has changed to unregistered students are notified to the related unit, and following this procedure, residence permits of those students are canceled by the Directorate General of Migration Management.

Students, whose residence permits are to be canceled, should contact the Directorate General of Migration Management to extend their permit and if they wish to obtain more detailed information.

Students can also have access to more detailed information about residence permit from our website.