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As part of its mission and principles, Özyeğin University endeavors to ensure the physical and psychological well-being and occupational safety of its faculty, staff, students, and neighbors. To this end, the University takes every possible measure, satisfies all the requirements, and provides all the necessary means and resources to the fullest.

Özyeğin University strives to carefully analyze any potential Occupational Health and Safety risk in all its activities to bring them to acceptable levels.

In resource planning, priority is given to the prevention of any health problems and the continuous improvement of occupational health and safety performance.

Özyeğin University is committed to complying with effective laws and regulations, and serving as a role model with its best practice examples.

Hence, it is the primary responsibility of all managers to create and develop a mutual understanding, as well as shared beliefs, habits, and values pertaining to environmental awareness among all stakeholders. To this end, a wide array of training sessions, seminars, events and similar other activities are organized to develop and promote the health and safety culture. Özyeğin University aims to maintain its position as a prestigious and pioneering university in Turkey with its health, safety and environment culture, and contribute to civilization as a globally preferred university.


Health & Safety Policy (27.01.2021)

Health & Safety Management Plan (27.01.2021)