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Enrollment in Graduate Programs

Enrollment in Graduate Programs

Congratulations on your admissions to our University!  To complete your enrollment, please read the following guidelines carefully, and finalize the enrollment procedures before the announced due dates.

1. Enrollment Dates
2. Step-By-Step Enrollment Instructions
3. Documents Required for Registration
4. Important Reminders for Post-Enrollment
5. Tuition, Payment, and Scholarship
6. Dormitories
7. Contact Details

Students admitted to the graduate programs of Özyeğin University in the 2020-2021 academic year may complete their online enrollments during the announced dates. Please be sure to read the section “Step-By-Step Enrollment Instructions” carefully before completing your enrollment.  In the Step-By-Step Enrollment Instructions, you will find that all steps you need to follow to complete your enrollment are explained in detail.  Once your online enrollment is done, you are done! You do not need to come to campus to complete your enrollment in person. Please note that failure to complete online enrollment within the announced dates will result in forfeiture of the right to enrollment in University. Should it be determined that the student does not fulfill the necessary requirements for enrollment or no longer meets enrollment requirements, the enrollment, if completed, will be revoked.

1. Enrollment Dates

2020 - 2021 Fall Semester 
Enrollment Dates for International Students  
Regular Enrollment Dates September 7-11, 2020
Late Enrollment Dates-1 September 23-24, 2020
Late Enrollment Dates-2 October 07 - 12, 2020                

2. Step-by-Step Enrollment Process

  • Read the Admission Letter carefully. Your admission letter will be sent to the email address you provided in your application.
  • Make your tuition payment on the announced dates as explained in the Payment Options page (Full scholarship recipients are excluded). 
  • Prepare all of the required enrollment documents in the pdf or jpeg format.
  • Fill out the Student Enrollment Information Form and attach the enrollment documents to the Student Enrollment Information Form. Make sure you complete all the required section of the form accurately. 
  • Documents attached to the form will be reviewed for approval by Student Services Directorate during the enrollment dates from 09:00 through 16:00. Once your documents are approved, your enrollment will be complete.  

    For more about tuition and fees, please click here.

    For payment options, please click here

  • To make your payment by credit card, please click:   https://www.ozyegin.edu.tr/tr/ogrenci-hizmetleri/ucretler-ve-odemeler/kart-ile-odeme

  • For payments in cash or via Overdraft Account at the Fibabanka branches, please click here for the list of branches.

We strongly urge all students who complete their enrollments via the OzU Enrollment System to keep the original copies of the documents they have attached to the Student Enrollment Information Form. Over the coming weeks, you will receive an appointment date to submit original copies of the documents you have uploaded to the Student Enrollment Information Document to Student Services. Please note that in case of failure to submit the original copies of the documents at the given date and time, the University reserves its right to revoke the student’s right to enrollment. 

Completing the Student Enrollment Information Form and Uploading the Required Documents

Once you prepare your enrollment documents in pdf or jpeg format, you need to fill out the Student Enrollment Information Form and attach the enrollment documents to the Student Enrollment Information Form. Please be sure you complete all the required section of the form accurately. The form will be accessible once you receive the admission letter. You will be prompted to enter your username to log into the form. Your username is the combination of the student number you have been assigned with and your year of birth. You will need a desktop or laptop computer to access the forms. Please remember that you will not access the form from your tablets or cell phones.

3. Required Documents for Enrollment


Bachelor’s Degree holders admitted to Master’s Degree or Post-Bachelor’s Ph.D. programs must submit the original copy of their Bachelor’s Degree diplomas in order to enroll in their programs. Master’s Degree holders admitted to Post-Master’s Ph.D. Programs must submit the original copies of both their Bachelor’s Degree diplomas and their Master’s Degree diplomas to in order to enroll in their program.  Graduation certificates obtained via the e-government system are also acceptable.

2- Diploma Equivalency Certificate (For Turkish citizens who studied abroad): Turkish citizens who studied abroad may enroll in the University with their Certificate of Equivalence obtainable from the Higher Education Council of Turkey. Prospective students whose Certificate of Equivalence has not been issued yet may attach their Certificate of Recognition. Students are responsible for submitting their Certificates of Equivalence to the University as soon as they are issued.

3- Certificate of Recognition (For international prospective students who studied abroad): For international prospective students who studied abroad, necessary applications for the recognition, equivalency and acceptability of their diplomas will be submitted to the Recognition Unit by our University.  (These students are admitted and are enrolled as special students until their degrees are recognized and deemed equivalent. Students whose diplomas are recognized and deemed equivalent by the Higher Education Council receive the status of regular graduate students.) 

4- Proof of English Language Proficiency (For programs that require English proficiency): The original copy of KPDS, YDS, ÜDS, or TOEFL-IBT exam score reports for prospective students who plan to enroll in the English-medium programs. The score reports must prove that the students achieved the required score for admission to the program they applied to and must still be within their validity period. For such score reports to be deemed acceptable, students must present their original exam results and these results must still be valid at the time of their submission to the University. For a test result to be valid, the validity period of the respective exam should not have expired since the administration of the exam. Master’s degree applicants who graduated from English-medium higher education programs within the last two years are exempted from the English Proficiency Examination Score requirement, so long as they are deemed proficient in English by the respective graduate school. These students must submit a letter obtained from their alma maters verifying that the medium of instruction is English 100%.

Prospective Ph.D. students are not eligible for exemption from the English Proficiency Examination Score requirement.

Prospective Master’s degree students who are unable to meet the English Language Proficiency requirement may take the TRACE examination on Monday, September 14, 2020. Students wishing to take the exam may submit their intent to their respective Graduate Schools. Prospective Ph.D. students are not eligible to take the TRACE examination.

5- Proof of Turkish Language Proficiency (For International Students): The proof of Turkish language proficiency is required for enrollments in Turkish-medium academic programs only.

6- Photograph: 1 passport-size biometric photograph. The photo should have been taken within the last 6 months, with facial features clearly recognizable.

7- Identification: One of the following documents:

  • Two-Sided Scanned Copy of the National ID Card. Make sure your scanned copy is clearly legible. (Driver’s license is not acceptable.)
  • Two-Sided Scanned Copy of Blue Card. (Blue Card holders are not required to upload the scanned copies of their passports.)     
  • Scanned copies of the pages from the passport that bear the student's photograph, identity information, and the date of last entry to Turkey.

8- Residence Permit (For International Students): Scanned Copy of the Residence Permit. Prospective students who do not have a valid residence permit must submit an online application for a residence permit via the Directorate General of Migration Administration. When the residence permit is issued, students must contact Student Services and submit the copies of the relevant pages from the residence permit within one month from the date of enrollment.

9- Receipt for the payment of the tuition: For payments made at a bank branch, please upload the scanned copy of the bank receipt. For payments made via online banking, please upload the e-receipt.  For payments made by a debit or credit card, you do not need to upload any proof of payment. 

10- Military Service Document (For Turkish male citizens): Students must upload one of the following documents that correspond to their current status:

  • Military Service Document : Students who plan to postpone their mandatory military service on the grounds of their enrollment in our University’s graduate programs must obtain a military service document from the Military Entrance Processing Station or the e-government system (with a barcode), and submit it to the University to prove their eligibility for enrollment. The military service document must have been obtained within the last month and must prove that there are not any restrictions that would prevent the student from enrolling in the program. In an event in which the student already postponed his mandatory military service once due to his enrollment in a graduate program at another university, the student must first terminate his existing enrollment at the other University, and cancel his military service postponement in order to be eligible to enroll in our University’s program. Otherwise, our University will not be able to proceed with the student’s enrollment. Once the student terminates his existing enrollment in the other graduate program, he must then notify the respective Military Entrance Processing Station of the termination of his enrollment in the previous graduate program to have his military service postponement cancelled. After the military service postponement is cancelled, the student then must obtain the proof of cancellation from the Military Entrance Processing Station and upload it to proceed with his enrollment. Master’s or Ph.D. graduates cannot qualify for military service postponement if they apply to a new graduate program which is at the same level with the program from which they graduated. Students who postponed their mandatory military service for any other reason, and therefore for whom the University does not need to apply for military service postponement, must notify the Student Services of their current status at the time of enrollment via email. 
  • Certificate of Discharge: Prospective students who duly completed their military service must submit the scanned copy of their certificate of discharge. (Scanned copies of Certificates of Discharge obtained from the e-government website with barcodes are also acceptable.

Certificate of Exemption: Prospective students who were granted permanent exemption from mandatory military service must submit a scanned copy of their certificates of exemption to prove their exemption and the reason for exemption. (Certificates of Exemption obtained from the e-government website with barcodes are also acceptable.) However, prospective students who are granted with temporary/limited exemption from mandatory military service must obtain their certificates of exemption from the Military Entrance Processing Station in person. The certificates of exemption must be newly issued.)

•Paid Military Service Certificate: Prospective students who applied for paid military service must upload their proof of application. 

4. Important Reminders for Post-Enrollment

  • Password Set-Up for Your OzU Account: Once you complete your enrollment, you will receive an email at the personal e-mail address you provided on the Student Enrollment Information Form to help you set up a password for your OzU.Net account which you will use to access the University systems. You must follow the steps listed in the email and generate your password within 24 hours from the receipt of the email.
  • Submission of Enrollment Documents:   Once you upload your enrollment documents to the OzU Enrollment System and complete your enrollment, you will receive an appointment date to submit the original copies of the documents you have uploaded to the Student Enrollment Information Document to Student Services. Further details about the appointment will be sent to the students’ email addresses with the extension “ozu.edu.tr”. Students are expected to submit the original copies of the documents in person at the given date and time. 
  • Student Identity Cards (Campus Card): Student ID Cards offer you access to the campus premises and miscellaneous on-campus amenities and services including the Library, student shuttles, copiers and printers. Once you have completed your enrollment, you will be notified of when you can claim your student identity cards via your OzU email account with the extension “ozu.edu.tr”.

5. Tuition, Payment, and Scholarship

In order to complete their enrollments, students must pay all of the required fees before coming to enrollment. Students may make their payments in US Dollars or Turkish Lira.

Please click here to see our tuition fees for the 2020 - 2021 academic year.
Please click here to see our payment options.

6. Dormitories

Please click here for 2020 - 2021 academic year housing fees. For more about dormitories, and dormitory applications please check our Dormitories page, or contact our Dormitory Management.

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7. Contact Details

Our call center is available from 09:00 to 16:00. For further details about enrollment, you may contact our call center. 

☎: 444 4 OZU (698) / 0 216 564 9000 
@: student.services@ozu.edu.tr