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University Enrollments for Graduate Programs

University Enrollments for Graduate Programs

We welcome our newly admitted graduate students at our Çekmeköy Campus.


09 - 13 September 2019

25 - 27 September 2019



Bachelor’s Degree holders admitted to Master’s Degree or Post-Bachelor’s Ph.D. programs must submit the original copy of their Bachelor’s Degree diplomas in order to enroll in their programs. Master’s Degree holders admitted to Post-Master’s Ph.D. Programs must submit the original copies of both their Bachelor’s Degree diplomas and their Master’s Degree diplomas to in order to enroll in their program.  (The original diploma will be returned to you after enrollment. Therefore, please complete all the fields of the “Diploma and Transcript Submission Document” and submit it to the registrar at the time of enrollment).If your diploma is not issued in English or Turkish, a notarized translation of your diploma must also be submitted at the time of enrollment.

Certificate of Equivalence / Certificate of Recognition

Students who graduated from universities abroad must submit either a certificate of equivalence or a certificate of recognition based on their current status:


For Turkish citizens: Certificate of Equivalence obtainable from the Higher Education Council of Turkey

  • Prospective students whose Certificate of Equivalence has not been issued yet may complete their enrollment with their Certificate of Recognition. However, students must submit their “Certificate of Equivalence” to the University as soon as they receive it
  • TR citizens who hold bachelor’s degree diplomas from the universities in the TRNC are not subject to recognition or equivalence procedures. The diplomas of these students are recognized and deemed equivalent to those of the Turkish universities without further proceedings.  However, TR citizens who hold master’s degree diplomas from the universities in TRNC must apply for a Certificate of Equivalence.
  • Rejection of the Certificate of Equivalence application will result in termination of enrollment at the University.

For International Students: “Certificate of Recognition” obtainable from the Higher Education Council of Turkey.

  • ·        For prospective students who do not have a Diploma Recognition Certificate, necessary applications for the recognition, Recognition and acceptability of their diplomas will be submitted to the Recognition Office by our University. These students are conditionally admitted and are enrolled as special students until their degrees are recognized and deemed equivalent. Students whose diplomas are recognized and deemed equivalent by the Higher Education Council attain the status of regular graduate students.

  • Rejection of the Certificate of Recognition application will result in termination of enrollment at the University.  

For Bachelor’s Degree holders applying to Master’s Degree or Doctorate Degree programs admitting Bachelor’s Degree holders, the original of the undergraduate transcript, for Master’s Degree holders applying to Doctorate Programs, the original of the undergraduate transcript and Master’s Degree transcript is required.


The original copy of GRE exam, the copy of ALES, GMAT  score reports listed in the application requirements. 

The original copy of TOEFL-IBT, the copy of KPDS/UDS/YDS English proficiency document listed in the application requirements.

Proof of payment for the tuition fee applicable for the relevant semester depending on your scholarship status. If paid at the bank branch, the receipt that verifies the tuition and fees are paid. If paid via online banking, the print-out of the e-receipt. If paid by a debit or credit card, you do not need to present any proof of payment.

For more details about tuitions, payments and payment methods, please click here.


Provided that the original copy is also submitted during the enrollment, the following documents should also be presented;

  • For Turkish and/or TRNC nationals: A double sided copy of the ID card.
  • For International students: Copy of the pages from the passport that have the student's photograph, identity information, address details and the date of entry to Turkey.
  • Blue card holders should submit a copy of their blue cards. Such students are not required to submit a copy of their passports. 


2 passport size photographs (taken within the last 6 months, facial features must be clearly recognizable.) 

The print-out of the online student enrollment information form, which is used to collect student information, is  also required in order to complete the registration procedures. You can take your print-out of approval form from enrollment desk and sign it.

Male Turkish citizens who are eligible for military service are also expected to submit the following document: 
MILITARY SERVICE DOCUMENT (Applicable only for Turkish nationals)
Military service status document for male prospective students.   

RESIDENCE PERMIT (Applicable only for international students)
If available, a copy of the residence permit. Those that have not yet obtained their residence permit must visit the Directorate General of Migration Management to obtain their residence permit and must submit the copy of the relevant pages to the Student Services within at the latest one month as of the enrollment in order to complete their enrollment procedures. 

Click  here  for more information about Residence Permit for educational purposes.


The original and a copy of a valid Turkish Language Proficiency score report declared acceptable by the University, verifying the student’s proficiency in Turkish. This document is only requested from international students admitted to Turkish programs.

Conditionally Admitted Graduate Students

Students who fail to submit a Graduate Programs Entrance Exam Score Report, English Proficiency Examination Score Report and/or Recognition Letter during their application and therefore are conditionally admitted to the program they apply will be registered as special students. 

Students who complete their documents within the announced period attain the regular graduate student status as of the beginning of the following semester. Students who fail to complete the missing documents are deemed to have completed the semester as a special student and their special student status is terminated at the end of the semester. In order to continue their study in the subsequent semesters as special students, such students must submit a new application to the relevant Graduate School and their application must be approved.