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Welcome to Ozyegin University’s Professional Development Unit! We are proud to serve the entire Ozyegin community including all majors, first-year to fourth-year students, and recent alumni. Our services are designed to help you explore options, connect with opportunities, and succeed no matter what your career aspirations are. Take advantage of our services early and often to:

  • Explore careers
  • Create resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles
  • Get career ready
  • Prepare for interviews
  • Find internships and jobs

Get started! You can find information about all of our services, including one-on-one consulting, on-campus interviewing, events, and programs on this website. Feel free to stop by the Professional Development office or one of our many events. We hope to see you soon!


Our CV/Resume consulting service is designed to enable you to go over and improve your resume under the guidance of our consultants based on the OzU CV template.

Career Consulting

If you do not have a roadmap for your career just yet, or if you do not know where to start or how to proceed, you may plan your career, or seek answers to your questions about internships/jobs through our Career Consulting service.

Our Interview Consulting is designed to give you insights about how to prepare for or learn more about the questions that may be posed to you during a job interview, which is the most important step in an internship/job search.

You may book an appointment via LinkProfessional and have a one-on-one interview with our consultants at a date and time suitable for you. You may log into LinkProfessional using your username and password.

Follow our announcements on LinkProfessional and MyOzU to keep updated on our events.

Please click here for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)about our consulting services.

Appointment Cancellation

Should you need to cancel your appointment for any reason, you can do so via LinkProfessional. However, please note that a minimum 24-hour notice is required for canceling appointments. If you experience any problems while logging into LinkProfessional or about the system in general, please contact us at professional@ozu.edu.tr.