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Internship Search Timeline

Internship Search Timeline



  • What interests, skills, and talents do you want to use, improve, or develop in your internship? 
  • What career paths do you want to explore with your major?  

Exploring Your Options

  • Schedule informational meetings with faculty members to learn about your field of interest
  • Find out when the "hiring season" is for your chosen industry and adjust your plans and expectations accordingly
  • Review internship listings on LinkProfessional as well as other job search sites, specific to your industry; identify specific skill sets and desired qualifications for listings that interest you
  • Schedule an appointment with a career consultant to discuss your individual options and plan 


  • Create a resume and cover letter and have them reviewed during by one of our consultants 
  • Upload your resume to LinkProfessional for review and approval
  • Identify what kind of internship you are looking for (e.g. location, industry, paid/unpaid, credit/non-credit, etc.)
  • Speak with professors and Professional Development consultants about your career interests and seek their professional advice
  • Identify specific organizations or businesses to target and find out about their internship application deadlines
  • Consider your financial needs 
  • Participate in Professional Development’s events such as Sectoral Orienteering, on-campus interviews, mock interviews, seminars and panels, workshops, etc. to improve your skills and connect with employers


  • Review the Internships For Credit information to determine if you want to register your internship for academic credit; Meet with your academic advisor to determine if you have elective(s) available; Complete the appropriate paperwork BEFORE the semester begins!
  • Create a target list of 10-20 organizations or companies that fit your interests; Talk to your professors about your internship plans and begin networking
  • Create a LinkedIn account and join alumni groups to connect with alumni in your industry
  • If necessary, prepare images, a design portfolio and a digital portfolio to present to employers
  • Access LinkProfessional: review postings weekly (check the LinkProfessional FAQ for answers to your questions
  • Begin applying for internship postings (including on-campus interviews) on LinkProfessional - be aware of deadlines!


  • Continue applying for internship postings (including on-campus interviews) on LinkProfessional and other industry-related sites, as well as, directly reviewing and contacting employers on your target list – and keep a record of your applications so you can follow up
  • Review interviewing tips and attend a workshop or mock interview to improve your skills
  • Remember to always send a thank you note after each interview
  • If you are registering your internship for academic credit, begin the registration and approval process 


  • Consider resources to help you maximize your internship, visit website like Quintessential Careers, The Savvy Intern, and WorkItDaily
  • Focus on job priorities and take initiative; always come prepared and never be without a notebook and pen!
  • Seek feedback and support; find a mentor and utilize any knowledge/expertise they are willing to share
  • Build and maintain your professional network during and after your internship (Hint: LinkedIn is a great way to easily stay connected post internship).