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Training / Workshops

Training / Workshops

  • CV & Cover Letter 
  • Interview Techniques 
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Networking

Our students are exposed to a rich array of personal development training and workshop sessions from the very first day they step in the University till their graduation.  Delivered interactively by specialized consultants with in-depth expertise, these training sessions aim to provide our students with different skills based on their varying needs and areas of interest.

Training and workshop sessions are offered several times during the academic semester. These sessions are announced via LinkProfessional. Please visit LinkProfessional to see our latest training and workshops and register for a session that best suits your needs.

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Training Cancellation 

Should you need to cancel your training for any reason, you can do so via LinkProfessional. However, please note that a minimum 24-hour notice is required for canceling training. This is to give other students who are interested in training the opportunity to make a booking via the system.

Participation/Cancellation Rules:

Participants are considered "no-shows" when they fail to show up or cancel their reservation/RSVP within 24 hours* of the respective event. When registered participants become no-shows, it is unfair to those who wanted to attend an event but couldn't because of event limitations. In addition, many Professional Development events involve employers who have dedicated their time to come to campus and assist students. Thus, having no-shows at these events not only brands the no-show individuals as unprofessional, but also reflects negatively on the entire university community. When students sign-up for an event there is a high professional expectation that they will attend.

Due to the professional nature of Professional Development appointments/events, the following policy will be enforced when a student fails to show up for a scheduled Professional Development appointment/event:

First No-Show
If you no-show for a scheduled appointment/event for the first time, you may receive an e-mail informing you that you have missed a scheduled appointment/event.

Second No-Show

If you no-show for a scheduled appointment/event a second time, your ability to schedule appointments/events will be rescinded for the remainder of the academic year that your second no-show occurred. You will no longer be able to sign up for any additional sessions, workshops or events for the remainder of the academic year.

 *For events that are scheduled for Mondays, 24 hour policy starts on Friday. This means, you will have to cancel Friday by the time of the event.

Participants who register the day before or the day of the event will not have the right to cancel. In the case of no-show, the following items will be valid.

If you experience any problems while logging into LinkProfessional or about the system in general, please contact us at professional@ozu.edu.tr.