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ÖzU Touch on Career Days: Sectoral Orienteering

ÖzU Touch on Career Days: Sectoral Orienteering

The traditional career days/fairs have become increasingly irrelevant in today’s job market where students can obtain detailed information about any organization with the click of a button and firms can research and reach interested applicants with similar ease.

Therefore, Sectoral Orienteering is an innovative OzU solution to the traditional format of career days.

The Sectoral Education and Professional Development team, with the support of faculty and students, “re-engineered” the traditional format of career days in line with OzU’s experiential education philosophy. Özyeğin University brings students together with business leaders throughout the year in a rich array of events. Furthermore, through Sectoral Orienteering, student club activities, and other events, OzU students get the chance to see, meet, and listen to experienced high-caliber professionals and entrepreneurs on campus.

For future collaborations, please contact us at professional@ozu.edu.tr.

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