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Start a Collaboration

Start a Collaboration

You can attend our modular, tailor-made programs designed in collaboration with our Professional Development consultants for our students and prospective graduates.

Mock Interviews/Group Exercises: Our mock interviews and group exercises give prospective graduates a taste of the real world by allowing them to practice in a safe environment. These activities are prepared in cooperation with recruitment experts, each specialized in their respective sectors, and human resources consultants.

Training Programs: Our training programs are designed to offer our graduates some tips and insights before they step into professional life. They cover a rich selection of subjects including interview techniques, project management, presentation techniques, and professional life.

Unplugged Talks: Unplugged Talksbring together graduating seniors, who have selected the sector and line of business they wish to join, with seasoned, successful professionals in the respective sector or line of business. Meetings are held in small, intimate groups of at most 15 people. Students seek the answers to the questions in their minds, and obtain information about different positions and lines of business directly from the executives specialized in the respective topic of discussion.

On-Campus Interviews: You may also interview our students in one of our interview rooms in our office upon request.

Please contact us at professional@ozu.edu.tr to organize an event.