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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Part-Time Work

Where can I find on-campus work announcements?

You may keep yourself posted about our on-campus part-time job postings via LinkProfessional > Jobs/İlanlar - hyperlink-  ‘On Campus / Part-Time Work.

How can I apply for part-time positions?

First, you must upload your resume (CV) to LinkProfessional (hyperlink). Our consultants will review your resume within 2 business days, and approve it, if your resume/CV is deemed acceptable. Once your resume/CV is approved, you may apply for the position.

LinkProfessional > Documents/Dökümanlar > Upload Documents /Belge Yükleme

I applied. Now what?

Once the job advertisement is taken down, the Professional Development Team will prescreen resumes. Following the pre-screening process, eligible resumes will be passed onto the unit applied. All applicants will be notified of the result of their applications.

For how many hours can I work?

You can work up to 60 hours per month.

My wages aren’t deposited. What should I do?

You should contact the authorized person in the department where you work.

My wages aren’t deposited in full. What should I do?

If your start date of employment is after the 15th day of the month, your wages can be paid for up to 30 hours.

Is on-campus work schedule compatible with our course schedule?

The work schedule is determined by the units, but flexibility can be offered based on the student’s course schedule.

Can I work part time?

Students who meet the following criteria can work part time at higher education institutions. Priority is given to students who are awarded scholarships by or who duly meet the scholarship requirements of the Higher Education Credit and Dormitories Institution: 

  • Are registered students at a higher education institution, excluding non-thesis master’s program students or special students,
  • Has not been subject to any disciplinary actions,
  • Do not have any income that amounts to at least the minimum wage, other than orphan's pension or alimony,
  • Have never been subject to the termination of part-time work contract due to violation of the contract signed between part-time working student and the higher education institution,
  • Possess the required knowledge, skills, and competencies for the position,
  • Are not on a leave of absence or international students,
  • Have not exceeded their regular period of study.

Frequently Asked Questions About LinkProfessional

What is LinkProfessional? 

It is a platform our Professional Development Team uses for our students. You can book an appointment with our consultants, and keep checking daily to apply for internships and job postings.

How can I use LinkProfessional?

You may log into LinkProfessional with your Özyeğin University email address and password.

I have a LinkProfessional account but I don’t remember my password. What can I do?

Your LinkProfessional password is the same as the password you use for your Özyeğin University email address.  If you are unable to log into the system with your OzU email password, then click on “Forget Password”.

Are all on-campus job postings posted on LinkProfessional?

Evet, tüm ilanlar LinkProfessional'da yayınlanıyor ve sadece Link Professional üzerinden yapılan başvurular kabul ediliyor.

Why should I use LinkProfessional? 
By using LP:
  • You can register for training programs and company events.
  • You can book an appointment with the Professional Development consultants to have your resume reviewed, or prepare for job interviews.
  • You can upload your resume and have access to internships and job opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Consulting Services

Who can use your consulting services?

All bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD students at Özyeğin University may use our services.

How can I book an appointment for Career Consulting?

Please log into LinkProfessional, and click on Consulting / Danışmanlık, and then on the displayed menu, select “Request an Appointment” to book your appointment.

All appointments seem fully booked on LinkProfessional. If I need to submit an urgent appointment request, what should I do?

You can write an email which clearly explains your situation and send it to professional@ozu.edu.tr One of our available consultants will help you.

Can I change my appointment date and time on the day of my consulting appointment?

At least 24-hour notice is required to make any changes to your appointment. All changes must be made via the system.

How may I reschedule the date or time of my consulting appointment?

Log into LinkProfessional, go to the “Calendar” tab, and click on “Counselling Appointment”. On the displayed menu, click on “Reschedule” under the appointment you wish to reschedule.

How can I cancel my consulting appointment?

Log into LinkProfessional, go to the “Calendar” tab, and click on “Counselling Appointment”. On the displayed menu, click on “Cancel” under the appointment you wish to cancel.

Do I need to prepare or do anything before the consulting appointment?
If you have a Career Consulting appointment: You are expected to prepare your resume beforehand, and either send it to us via email or bring it with you to the appointment.
If you have a CV/Resume Consulting appointment:  You must have reviewed our resume template on the Professional Development webpage, and attended one of our CV Development Training Sessions. You are expected to bring your resume with you to your appointment.
If you have a Mock Interview appointment: Please share your resume with one of our consultants before your appointment, and make sure that you specify whether you want to have a mock interview or obtain information about how to prepare for a job interview. Also, if you have a job interview set with a specific institution/company, please provide the name of the position and the job description.