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Eki 12, 2020

Basında ÖzÜ - Özyeğin University Aviation Clubs (English)

Aviation Turkey Magazine

Özyeğin University

Özyeğin University (OZU) is a non-pro t, state-recognized higher education institution established in 2007. OZU has a multicultural study environment with international students from 56 different countries at the OZU campus.

Faculty of Aviation and Aeronautical Sciences

Özyeğin University Faculty of Aviation and Aeronautical Sciences (FAAS) was founded in 2011 as a School of Aviation, then it became a Faculty by

YÖK (Higher Education Institution) approval in 2016. The FAAS aspires to become an internationally recognized center of aviation in the region by

admitting not only Turkish students but also international students from all over the world.

OzU – Civil Aviation Club

ÖzyeğinUniversity-CivilAviationClubwas established under the Faculty of Aviation and Aeronautical Sciences in 2012 as one of the 38 student clubs sponsored by OZU.

Since then, it has been one of the most active clubs at the university by organizing seminars, contests, site-visits, and movie nights. Currently, Özyeğin University - Civil

Aviation club has 86 active members.The majority of members are either students of Aviation Management or Professional Flight students.

OzU – Civil Aviation Club Mission

OZU - Civil Aviation Club was established to inspire future leaders in the aviation industry by entertaining, sharing, learning, and exploring. The members lead their business, social life, and network while

studying at the same time. Participants are eventually able to call themselves successful graduates of OZU with footsteps already taken in the aviation industry, and they also become social

and self-con dent individuals. Creating differentiation and being the most effective university aviation club is the core ideal of the club.