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Ara 07, 2018 - Şub 05, 2019

Summer Schools 2019: ISM University of Management and Economics, Vilnius, Lithuania

Dear Students,

We are pleased to announce a summer program opportunity at ISM University of Management and Economics, Vilnius!

This three week program is delivered in English and will allow you to take one or two courses each worth 6 ECTS.

The courses offered last year in the 2018 summer program are as follows:
• International Project Management (6 ECTS)
• Macroeconomics (6 ECTS)
• International Negotiations (6 ECTS)
• Corporate Finance (6 ECTS)

The program is aimed toward undergraduate students, however graduate students may attend as well. In addition to lectures, it includes company visits and a sightseeing event with a weekend trip to the Baltic seaside among others.

If you are interested, please inform the International Office by January 31, 2019 via e-mail (international.relations@ozu.edu.tr). The three applicants with the highest CGPA will be selected for nomination. If you are nominated by Ozyegin University, you will be exempt from the tuition fee. If you are not nominated, you will still be offered generous discounts. A hospitality fee of 920 EUR applies to all students and it includes a three-week accommodation package, lunch on weekdays, welcome and farewell receptions, seaside trip, and other social activities. You may view the following link for more information regarding the fees: https://www.ism.lt/en/node/726.

Duration of the program: July 1-18, 2019
Eary bird application deadline: February 28, 2019
Final application deadline: March 29, 2019

Please visit http://www.ism.lt/sub for more information on the program and for the link of the application form and preliminary schedule. If you have further inquiries you may e-mail the university directly at summeruniversity@ism.lt or markin@ism.lt.

Best Regards,
International Office