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Ağu 08, 2019

Thesis Defense - Erdem Peçenek (MSME)


Erdem Peçenek - M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

Asst.Prof. Özgür Ertunç - Advisor




Date: 15.08.2019

Time: 09:00

Location: AB1 412




Thesis Committee: 

Asst.Prof. Özgür Ertunç,  Özyeğin University

Asst. Prof. Altuğ Melik Başol,  Özyeğin University

Prof. Hojin Ahn, YeditepeUniversity



The objective of this thesis was to understand ow phenomena inside chevron type plate heat exchangers. To reach this goal, several visualization experiments designed and conducted. Also, Large-eddy ow simulations were made. These simulations validated with visualization experiments and pressure drop experiments. The ow visualization
results showed that rather than helical or cross ow structure, a combination of two structures exists inside the CPHE channel geometry. Visualization and pressure drop experiments validated the LES results. LES estimated the friction factor with a maximum 5 percent error. The mixing study proved there is asymmetric mixing through the channel. To understand transition inside the channel a power spectrum of velocity magnitude of specifies points were reported and results showed that between 265 and 275 Re there is a significant raise at a turbulent intensity where seems
the transition takes place.



Erdem Peçenek obtained his Mechanical Engineering BSc degree from Özyeğin University in 2016. His final project was Design and Commissioning of Spray Diagnostic Setup. He joined Fluid Mechanics Group in 2016. Currently continues his MSc degree in Özyeğin University, his thesis topic is Numerical and Experimental Investigations on Chevron Type Compact Plate Heat Exchangers.